Success Secret: Read Your Way To The Top

One of my favorite ways to spend my time is reading. Not only is it a favorite activity of mine, but it’s one of my top recommendations to others for personal and professional development. There are things books can not only teach you, but awaken within you, that you won’t otherwise find.

As we wrap up this year and plan ahead for how we want to be different in 2018, I’m challenging you to grab hold of the best tool there is: a book. And not just one book, but many.

Let’s talk about why you should read your way through 2018.

George R.R. Martin, in A Dance With Dragons said, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one life.”

Readers grow. Readers grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally, intellectually. Readers grow in their ability to render influence. Are you tired of feeling stuck or like you can’t get ahead? Read.

Reading produces confidence. When you don’t know what you don’t know, it’s easy to be intimidated. When a person lacks the breadth of exposure in certain areas of understanding, they lack wisdom. That person has limited opportunities because exposure and understanding are the boundaries by which one enters into opportunity.

Reading builds confidence and competence so when you are faced with an opportunity, you are not intimated by it.

Reading feeds the mind and soul. We’re not short on people telling us what to think. We’re not of short on bosses or coworkers draining energy from us. We are not short on news anchors and networks telling us all the things going wrong in our world.

We can control what we read and what we allow into our mind and soul. Pick a book that’s going to grow, feed, and nourish your mental capacity and feed your soul.

Readers have more influence because they have more answers. In this world, we have influencers inand followers. We have people who administrate influence in a situation and other people who align themselves with that influence.

Readers have more influence because intuitively they have more answers. If you want to be the person people look to for influence, be an avid reader in that field, and you will become the person who has the answers.

Reading expands your horizons.  There is a much bigger world out there than the small myopic thing we’re existing in right now. The more you read the bigger the world is.

Reading expands your horizons because it grows your worldview. It puts you in touch with other cultures, lifestyles, ideas, other ways of doing things.

Readers are leaders. If you were to identify people in your life who have influenced you powerfully or who you look up to, admire or respect and you were to interview them and ask, “Tell me the last four or five books you’ve read and how they influenced you,” they’d tell you! Readers are leaders, and leaders are readers.

In the new year, let’s read our way to our next level. Set a specific time each day as your reading time, whether in the morning or evening before you retire for the day. Treat that time as an appointment you have that is non-negotiable.

Increase your knowledge and fine-tune your mission every day by spending time reading.

If you’re looking for ways to increase your reading capacity, listen to books on audio. Take advantage of your time in the car, or exercising, or while you work or clean up. Listening to books is a great way to absorb the knowledge contained on the pages, even if you’re not physically turning them.

Join me in a commitment for this next year to become a reader extraordinaire. Become a person who is committed to yourself, committed to your destiny, committed to becoming the person God has made you to be. Join me and become a reader who makes a difference!