Stop The Excuses, Start Your Success

Whether you’re a small business owner, an entrepreneur, a director of a non-profit, pastor, community leader, or a stay-at-home mom, you are in business and you are created and called by God to make a difference.

Let’s establish you are in business. Whatever you’re endeavoring to build, grow, lead, influence, that makes it your business. Jesus gives us an awesome example from His young life where He said, “I have to get busy doing my Father’s business.” Whatever the business is, it’s time for you to engage the business you were sent here to do.

A business is not a business unless it’s profitable. Yes, even if you are a non-profit business, there is still the need to generate revenue. A business not making a profit is at best a charity or probably only a hobby.

In the parable of the talents, the rich business owner gave opportunity and responsibility to five different fellows. To one, he gave ten talents, to another he gave five, etc. He wanted each man to take a portion of his business, steward and grow it and treat it as if it was their own, while he went away.

The business owner came back, checked in with these stewards, and found a couple of them had multiplied what they’d been given. They had invested it and grown the enterprise.

The last fellow admitted to being scared. He thought the best thing to do was bury the talent for safe keeping. He didn’t want to risk anything for fear of losing what little he had to work with.”

In the story, the business owner reprimanded him saying, “You wicked servant.” In today’s terms, “You’re irresponsible. You have no idea how to manage or lead. You took what I gave you to work with and squandered it because of your insecurities and fears. Therefore, I can’t increase you. I can’t give you more to work with. I can’t multiply the work of your hands because I can’t trust you to do with my stuff what needs to be done.” To the other fellows who did well with the business, he gave them more to work with. He realized they could be trusted with the resources given them.

Ladies and gentlemen, you are in business. If you are not growing, multiplying, and generating a profit, you will not have the resources needed to accomplish the mission God wants you to steward.

Businesses fail for one reason: because they’re not making money. A business is not a business unless it is profitable. Whoever you are, whatever your idea or dream, you must adopt this understanding and attitude of being in business.

The people you and I are called to serve are depending on us to figure it out, to go make it work, to make money, to build the thing, to do what it is God has put in our heart. They’re depending on you to show up.

The time to show up is now. It’s go time. No more excuses. No more rationalizations. No more messing around. No more putting it off until later. Treat this like your life and someone else’s life depends on it.

If you and I say yes and fully engage the possibilities before us, we’re going to see incredible results. If God has put an idea on your heart, your responsibility is to not only think about and pray about it, but to steward it, plan it, nurture it, grow it, multiply it, and produce results from it.

We cannot afford to tinker around anymore. Our life’s work is before us, and God has prepared the way.

What are you tethered to that may not be a part of the matrix or the plan for your life in the new season? What relationships? What jobs? What contracts? What ideologies or beliefs?

Wherever you are right now, your next step cannot and should not be a repeat of your previous moves. You don’t need a do-over. You have been given access to and granted permission for a new beginning. God most definitely has a beautiful plan for your new season. Your best days, your best years, your best productivity, your prosperity, the blessing you have been longing for, is ahead of you.

Jesus said, “I must be about my Father’s business.” What He was saying was, “I was sent here to make a contribution, to make a difference.” I’m going to ask you this: What is your business? What have you been called to do? What have you been created and designed to accomplish, build and contribute?

Are you teachable? Are you willing to engage fully? Are you willing to let the past be the past and leave it so you can absolutely, positively administer incredible, over-the-top, life-altering influence to the lives and people groups you have been called to serve?

No more excuses. No more rationalizations. It’s go time.