The Power Of Saying Yes

yes power

Every promotion in life comes as a result of saying yes to opportunity. You can’t rise to a new level of financial gain, influence, or leadership without first saying yes to an opportunity you’re presented with.

Saying yes requires us to believe, in spite of the lack of facts or the lack of evidence or the lack of data. It requires us to step into the unknown. God never invites you on a journey you have already figured out.

Saying yes means being fully committed to the path, no matter what it may cost you. Saying yes means trusting your heavenly Father is going to give you what you need each day. It means going all in. It means risking it all. It means trusting the outcome is not something you can manufacture, but has been predetermined by your creator. If you’ll simply trust the process, you will get to the destination.

Most of us say yes with our heads, but don’t mean it in our hearts. We sense a new calling, but we must leave the comforts and familiarity of the present in order to realize the fruit and the benefits and the blessings of the new thing.

When what you have is adequate or safe enough for you, oftentimes you will see the opportunity as an importunity. Because of this innate fear, we shrink back because we lack clarity, understanding, and vision. The possibilities are simply too vague.

When you decide to go all in and pursue what God is inviting you into, you can rest assured there is going to be resistance, some of it external, some of it internal. Why? Because in order to have something you’ve never had, you will be required to do something you’ve never done. To do something you’ve never done requires faith. It most certainly requires a willingness to say yes every day.

I have to say yes every single day because challenges will come. Resistance will make itself known. It’s in those tough times when faith and commitment are essential to see the promotion to this new place. It’s in moments of difficulty where what you are faced with appears bigger than the potential upside of you persisting through the difficulty. It’s in those moments where your “yes” is going to be tested.

Does your “yes” really mean yes? Are you really committed to the process? Are you really committed to seeing it through? Are you really, truly committed to leaving the safety of your present state and environment to possess what you’ve never been able to have or possess? This is the challenge: To say yes, to mean yes, and to live your “yes” every day, no matter what.

You can’t just say yes once. You have to say yes over and over again because you’re going to come to new crossroads. You’re going to come to new thresholds. If you choose to stay in the old setting, you’re robbing yourself of the potential and possibilities in front of you right now.

Look back over the last few months or years of your life. Where have you come from? How glorious has that journey been? Where are you today? Can you say God has proven himself over and over again? He’s always faithful.

But here’s the big question: Can you trust Him now with the next phase of the journey? Can you say yes again and step into what is just in front of you now?

God is not interested in robbing you of anything. Whatever you’ve gained in the process so far, He’s not taking that from you. It was simply a building block. It was a steppingstone into the full measure of what is possible. He’s always leading you forward. He’s always leading you into.

Say yes. Trust the process. Believe with all of your heart what lies ahead of you is greater than what lies behind you. Say yes.