#290: The Lens Of Grace (Part 1 of 2)

An Interview With Scott Prickett


How do you see yourself? How you see YOU is a really big deal. How you view others in your life determines the quality of relationships and outcomes you have.

Today, I am incredibly excited to introduce you to one of my closest friends: Scott Prickett.

We are talking about his newest book, and how you can begin seeing life through the lens of grace.

I’m honored to have you with us – now let’s get started!

How Changing Your Mind Changes Everything

7 Ways To Train Your Brain

change mind think thoughts

Our mindsets, good or bad, create for us what is normal or what is expected. But if what you’ve expected or created has been less-than-desirable, it’s time to shake things up. You need to change your mind.

If your mindset needs a shift, there are ways to do that. You can reshape your mindset to a positive, pursuing-dreams “new normal’.

Changing your mind is not only possible, but it could be the one thing you need to do in order for your potential to become your reality.

#289: Monday Mastery – The Power of Writing Your Goals & Ideas


Welcome to our video blog and Monday Mastery Edition of our Strategic Leader Podcast with Brian Holmes! Each Monday, we provide a video & podcast audio segment designed to encourage, motivate, challenge, and develop you as a leader and influencer.

Write the vision and make it plain… Do those words sound familiar? Even in today’s digital age, there is tremendous and effective power in physically writing down our dreams, visions, goals, and ideas. The power of writing it down is so often untapped, and today I’m going to explain the importance of taking that extra step. Put your ideas and goals on paper, and see how it transforms the process of making it happen.

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#288: Don’t Hang On To the Temporary!

Why Settling Can Work Against You


temporary settle

Are you comfortable? If your answer was yes, I want you to pay close attention to the program today. We’re going to challenge you to really look at your life, potential, and progress.

There is no doubt life deals circumstances and situations we did not ask for or deserve.

If you’ve lived any length of time, you’ve no doubt experienced one or more things that set you back, brought you great pain, or at the very least, slowed you down for a bit.

There are times in our lives when we are presented with opportunities to overcome, to reset, to re-evaluate.

STUFF will happen. The question is, “How Will You Respond”?

I want you to find encouragement and hope as we talk about not settling for something meant to be temporary.

7 Ways To Create A Lifestyle Of Learning

lifestyle learning,

Learning and growing and feeding your mind, developing in the areas of potential that you may possess in your life, are prerequisites for significant opportunities that might come your way.

If you’re not prepared and you don’t have adequate knowledge concerning a matter or a field or a subject or a topic or a skillset, you probably won’t come across too many opportunities. I have found opportunities present themselves to those who have prepared ahead of time.


How do you continuously grow and learn? How does a person apply themselves? How do they become a learner? How do we use our time together to acquire knowledge and information?

There are seven ways I can share with you which will help you to move toward making learning your lifestyle.

You Really Can Do Anything … If You Believe!


I came across this article last week, and it truly inspired me. In fact, it moved me to tears. In a world where fear, excuses, and all kinds of negativity and pessimism exist, you and I have a choice. Do we cave

Do we cave to the pressure, settle for the status quo, and only live up to what others expect of us; OR, do we face our fears and limitations, and determine to do amazing things?

This story will challenge and inspire you to LIVE!