The Marriage of Passion and Leadership

6 Definitions of a True Passionate Leader

passion leader

What are you passionate about? Do you even know? Do you have desires you are actively seeking to fulfill? Have you taken time to articulate those?

Are you living your passion? That’s a question each of us needs to ask ourselves. Often we define ourselves by what we do, rather than who we are.

True leadership cannot exist outside of a legitimate and clearly defined sense of purpose. We have to have some concept of who we are and our life has meaning. Purpose creates a leader because it signals there is something we are here to accomplish. Your personal leadership potential is packed within your purpose and your purpose is the key to your passions.

Passion serves as the driving force of motivation. That passion sustains the focus of a legitimate leader. A leader who has no passion doesn’t have a focus and, therefore, is not going to have results and impact to the degree God created them to by way of their leadership potential.

Without passion, one lacks energy. Boredom setw in and it affects the mind, the attitude, and the thinking of the individual.

Leaders don’t just do. A leader just can’t do tasks. A job description or a list of duties and responsibilities, that’s not enough for a leader. A true leader who is going to change their world must feel what they are doing. Their passion must be active and fluid and working as it relates to what they’re doing, otherwise the doing just becomes mundane and repetitive and boring and lifeless, and there is no reward or no fulfillment. Passion continually motivates and inspires.

True leaders don’t just have jobs; they are about pursuing lifetime assignments. Leaders are all about pursuing and engaging the assignments God placed in their life.

Leadership is not the accomplishment of a list of goals. We know goals are important, but leadership is not about checking off goals which have been accomplished. Goals are temporary. True leadership emerges when one discovers the destination for their life.

What is passion? Here are six explanations about what passion is.

Number one: Passion is a deep desire.

A passionate leader can identify and articulate the deep desires of their heart. True leaders possess the deep desire that produces the passion so they can pursue their dreams. It’s a deep, driving desire. It is something that keeps you awake at night and wakes you up early in the morning.

Number two: Passion is a craving.

Passionate people, I find, are driven to the point of being almost obsessed. They don’t know how to just let it down for a minute because when you find that zone, when you find that vein, when you find that lane, that craving for more of it possesses you to the point of such focus, you are driven day and night.

Number three: Passion is an obligation.

Leadership is born in a person’s heart when one discovers a divine obligation to their community, to the world, or to their generation. Whatever God has placed in you to accomplish, it’s not even about you. It is something God assigned to you for your generation. It is something God put in your heart that, if you follow it through and pursue it, will change your community.

It’s more than just theory. You have to do it because someone is waiting for you to be that person. Someone is waiting for you to produce that answer or that solution. Someone is waiting for you to come alongside of them and be that change.

Number four: Passion brings deep commitment.

True leadership is not finding something to live for. True leadership is about finding something worth dying for. Guys like William Wallace and William Wilberforce didn’t just live to do something. They engaged with passion, purpose, and with clarity what God put them in the earth to do. They were willing to die for it. That is a level of commitment most of us will never understand. Passion drives one to be committed to the death.

Number five: Passion is a deep resolution.

True leaders are resolved in their decisions to pursue their goals and purposes. Once you embrace your leadership assignment, you must resolve in your heart, whatever the steps, whatever the costs, whatever the goals, however long it takes, “I’m in this. I’m all in until the end.” It’s deep resolution.

Number six: It’s a deep motivation.

I find true leaders do not need outside stimuli in order to take action. They don’t need “attaboys.” They don’t need people’s approval. They do not need anyone affirming them because what is motivating them is deep on the inside. They’re self-motivated. They’re motivated because God has made them aware of who they are and why they’re here. Out of that awareness, they’re driven to accomplish great things.


Become a leader who transforms communities, cities, nations. Become the person God created you to be in such a way that the life in you can be shared with others in whatever context, in whatever sphere of influence.

We need passionate leaders who can produce great results. We need passionate leaders who can solve big problems. We need passionate leaders who are willing to throw off average and ordinary, challenge the status quo, and lead a generation to greatness.

Are you that kind of leader?