A Simplistic Yet Profound Approach To Getting M.O.R.E.


Growth is a quality and activity necessary for life. Living things grow. Growing things change. Growth equates to more productivity, more creativity, more life. “More” is an acronym here to observe concepts essential for us to prepare our hearts and frame our future on the basis of possibility.

We all have challenges and struggles. How you see your future is exactly what you can receive from it. In spite of circumstance, conditions, attitudes, the temperature of the social and cultural climate all around, you can frame your future on a foundation based in faith, possibility, and opportunity.

M.O.R.E. is about increase or multiplication. It’s about your business being more influential and having a broader market share. It’s about your ministry impacting the lives of more people. It’s about what you are created to do.

Let’s talk about M.O.R.E.

M: Mindset & Money

What you believe to be true about life, possibility, opportunity, your business, worth, value, family, marriage, and I could go on, is going to manifest tangibly in your life.

If you have a mindset of poverty, focusing on lack or scarcity, and if your mindset is one of being a subject versus being a child of the Most High God, you program yourself to think in terms of being a slave or servant.

Check your mindset. Check your thinking. Check your belief systems because they’re going to frame for you what you have and don’t have. If you’re not satisfied, if you know there is more for you, realize it begins with the space between your ears.

Make a list. What are the beliefs holding you back? What are the mindsets you picked up as a child? How do you think about money?

Money is not evil. The love, avarice, or the passion for money, in and of itself, can create huge problems, but money is not evil. If you want to solve the problems of our world, you must have the resources to do so. If you want to feed thousands of starving children in very desperate parts of the world, all you need is a few million dollars, and you can make a generational difference. If you want to help someone who is not going to have very much of a Christmas for their children this year, it takes you having the resources to do it.

The more I have available to me, the more of a difference I can make in the lives of others. Mindset and money.

O: Opportunities & Occupation

We’ve never had a time in our history where there has been greater, more prolific, more numerous opportunities available to us. To a person who believes they can, who believes they have what it takes, knows what they’re called to, the floodgates of opportunities are open.

If you’re an investor, there are opportunities. If you do real estate, there are opportunities. If you’re a businessperson, there are opportunities. If you want to teach and train and mentor other people, there are opportunities for you. If you’re a person who wants to write and publish a book, it’s 1000 times easier to do today than it’s ever been. There are opportunities abounding!

My dear friend and mentor, Dan Miller, who wrote 48 Days to the Work You Love, often challenges us to think in terms of making a small adjustment in our mindset to realize, occupationally speaking, there are opportunities available to do what you love doing. Engage in what you’re passionate about. You can do the thing you were created to do and, yes, make a great living at it.

R: Re-creation & Rest

The word “recreation” oftentimes conjures images of outdoor activities like hiking and golfing. I want you to think about the word in its purest sense. It’s re-creation. It is what all of creation does naturally.

Re-creation is taking place all the time. You don’t have to settle for stagnant ideas or reconcile with old thinking. You can step into something brand new, fresh, vibrant, and full of life simply by allowing re-creation to take place from within and express itself externally.

In referencing rest, some “experts” say you can survive on four hours of sleep. Some say you’ve got to have eight or nine. They’re all probably right on some level, and probably have science to back up each of their particular positions. In mentioning rest, I’m not talking necessarily about your sleep. I’m talking about more your mind and your overall being.

You need to adopt a frame where you can rest. Even your work can be framed in the context of a restful place, meaning you’re not striving. You’re not beating your head against a wall. When you’re working hard – some of you 50+ hours a week – if you’re doing what you’re born to do, if you’re flowing in your grace and your giftedness, if you are engaged with the process of constantly recreating energy, creativity, and ideas, then even the most challenging of work can be restful.

E: Exercise, Energy & Effectiveness

Exercise can be a scary term, though it would be a great idea because your physical body is only going to perform at the level of the health it’s walking in. So, yes, I’ll encourage you to get physical exercise.

Exercise can also be mental. You can exercise your spiritual acuity. Exercise your whole person so every day you’re reading, growing, learning something new, challenging your mind, working on being at a place of peace emotionally and spiritually.

Exercise is about more than walking a few miles a day or hitting the gym. Exercise is about constantly working on you. Just as in physical exercise, the more healthy you become in those areas of your life the more energy you have. Your energy level mentally, emotionally, spiritually, consciously, unconsciously, is going to determine the outcome of your performance in your work. How well you perform is based on your energy levels.

If you’re constantly developing yourself and exercising in these various categories of our personhood, you’re going to have greater mental energy and focus. You’re going to have greater spiritual acuity and insight. You’re going to be able to hear the voice of God more clearly when He speaks to you and gives you a strategy or an idea. Your physical body is going to have more endurance, more perseverance. You’re going to have the ability to work harder and longer and yet still be in great shape and be able to perform well. If you exercise, you have energy. If you have energy, it produces a level of productivity and effectiveness and outcome like you’ve never seen before.

The bottom line is this: Think bigger. Build bigger. Dream bigger. Plan bigger. Don’t hold back. Don’t limit yourself and don’t limit God.

Decide today you’re not going to settle for less and the status quo is not good enough. Take your life and leadership to the next level. Expect so much M.O.R.E!