A Look Back At My 5 Favorite Posts from 2017

Favorite posts 2017

Looking back on this year, I’ve shared a lot with you about my favorite topics: personal growth, transition, success, influence – it’s hard to choose which posts are truly favorites since they all touch on different areas or seasons of life. I keep coming back to these five posts, however, because I really feel like they encapsulate so much of the heart behind my message.

In order to grow in our success and in our influence, we need to understand who we are, who we were created to be, what that looks like for us, and how to get there.

I know as we’re all winding down the year with reflection, goal-setting for next year, and pondering our plans and strategies, it’s helpful to remind ourselves what went right, what needs improvement, and what we flat out missed the mark on this year.

I’m sharing my favorite posts because I know they’ll make a difference in your own journey, especially with a new year on the horizon. Take a walk with me back in time, if you will, to my favorite posts from this past year and let’s apply their principles together as we cross the threshold into 2018.

4 Reliable Factors for Achieving Success

If you feel you are ready for movement, ready to shift, for a change, ready to move to the next level, then the four things I’m going to give you today are paramount to your success. These four things I’m going to share today are essential factors for success, period. However, it is also important we examine our heart, our present state, our situation, and determine what other factors might be needed. These four are not some turnkey system, but a broad-brush approach.

Whatever next level is for you, it’s impossible to arrive at or achieve a next-level expression without first dealing with relationships and habits, beliefs, attitudes, etc.

What are the four essentials? Next-level realization is going to require, number one, you have innovation working for you. Number two: Collaboration. Number three: Determination. Number four: Accountability.

A Simplistic Yet Profound Approach to Getting M.O.R.E.

Growth is a quality and activity necessary for life. Living things grow. Growing things change. Growth equates to more productivity, more creativity, more life. “More” is an acronym here to observe concepts essential for us to prepare our hearts and frame our future on the basis of possibility.

We all have challenges and struggles. How you see your future is exactly what you can receive from it. In spite of circumstance, conditions, attitudes, the temperature of the social and cultural climate all around, you can frame your future on a foundation based in faith, possibility, and opportunity.

M.O.R.E. is about increase or multiplication. It’s about your business being more influential and having a broader market share. It’s about your ministry impacting the lives of more people. It’s about what you are created to do.

9 Things To Remember When You Feel Like Giving Up

It seems like no matter what’s happening in the world around us, our own lives are constantly going through the process of change.

Whether it be in business, relationships, events, hobbies, interests, or ministry – circumstances and variables are always changing.

Sometimes it can become too much, we think, and we have to start back-pedaling, or even bailing out altogether, in order to function again.

I’m here to tell you, doing that would be a recipe for dysfunction, not progress.

Since we’re always in the midst of change and transition, however, let’s discover how to work through it, and prepare ourselves for the opportunities that wait on the other side of change.

7 Ways To Experience Personal Growth

It always encourages me in my own endeavors when I see the group on fire like they were this past weekend (and not just because it was unseasonably warm here in Dallas!). When I see the faces of the mastermind members in the room, and know what they’ve committed to in order to grow themselves and establish their future, it really moves me.

What do you do for your own personal growth? Is there anything you’ve thought, or known, to do, but haven’t pulled the trigger?

Personal growth is something we all must pursue. It begins within. As you consider developing a personal growth plan for your life, consider seven areas in which that growth plan must be applied.

How To Determine If You Need To Unplug

Last year, I took control of my thoughts, and most especially, my time, in a way completely unprecedented for me. A little background, first.

Scripture says to take every thought captive, meaning if there are things barraging your mind taking you away from your leadership, away from being effective, away from success, away from productivity; if you’re caught in the vortex of noise which is drawing life from you, you have to take those things prisoner.

I chose to reclaim the sanctity of my environment. I simply turned off the noise and was selective about the inputs I allowed inside my mind and spirit.

I called it Project Detox.

Were any of these your favorites, too? Which  will you be taking action on in 2018? I can’t wait to hear all about your endeavors!

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