Your Life According To Seasons

When Change Happens And What You Need To Do About It


fall season seasons

When you’ve been around for as long as I have (does that make me sound old?) you may find yourself looking at life a little bit differently.

It’s no coincidence as we’re officially in autumn now, the topic of seasons would come up. There is such a thing as seasons of life. I know that in the natural we have four seasons. Where I live in Texas, we don’t get four distinct seasons per se. Sure, some days we get two or three seasons over the course of a day, but we don’t have the extremes other parts of the country – or world – experience.

Over the course of a calendar year, you have winter, followed by spring, changing to summer, followed by autumn (and then rounding out in winter again, for those of you who want to get technical).

Those seasons each have a real significance because each season is necessary for the circle of life and the cycle of life to exist as it relates to other forms of life (plant cycles, migration, etc.).

The same is true in our lives. You must be aware of different seasons. To refuse to recognize a season is to say, “I don’t want my life to be renewed or to go through a process to come to life again in a new, fresh way.” Seasons are critically important. For me,

Individually, and even for me personally, the last couple of years have been a season of transition leading into this new place.

Seasons in life aren’t tied to our age, or even to the physical seasons of our environment. They occur when transition happens in our lives.

I sense now that I am aware of this next season God has brought me into, I have to be willing to engage all of the possibilities that exist in the context of this season. While I will not dwell on or stay stuck in my past, I will reflect on it. I will look into previous seasons for reference points and for understanding, for experiences to give me insights as to what I’m facing or what I’m dealing with now.

The previous season’s experiences and understandings can’t necessarily be the anchor you rely on to define what your future looks like. If you allow your past to define your future, then you could possibly miss out on the awesome benefits the new season offers you (and which were absent in the previous season).

You must recognize when a season in your life is coming to an end, when a season in your life is in transition, and when a season in your life is beginning or budding or you’re coming into a new place. Recognize that and embrace it. As you walk through that doorway, know this: You now begin to engage possibilities that most probably did not exist on the previous level.

You have to retune your frequency. You have to not be looking through the lenses with which you viewed your past because, in the new season, you’re going to see new things. You’re going to experience new things. You’re going to see things from a completely different perspective.

I encourage you not only to recognize your life’s seasons but I also strongly encourage you to embrace the new, unlimited possibilities the new season has to offer you. This is a new day for you. It’s a new place for all of us.

I know around the world there are calamities and challenges and chaos and all sorts of different elements and events going on. Understand it doesn’t define who you are. You can choose to fully embrace what God has designed for you and what God has predestined for you. That will come more easily once you recognize life’s changing seasons, and you embrace new possibilities.