How Expectations Determine Outcomes

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Goals we set can be and oftentimes are misaligned. They might be irrelevant to where we are or where we need to be going in life. They may be completely disconnected from the true heart and desire within.

If one sees themselves as being average, ordinary, or having a limited value or worth, they will set goals proportionate to their skewed and off-centered view, rather than on their actual potential.

If a person expects they’re going to struggle some area of their life, they will. 

What you set your expectations on is what tends to show up in your life. What you set your mind on is where you point your life. Where you point your life, will be the destination you determined when you started the journey.

To end up differently expectations have to be set differently. What we did last year is not good enough. The next level requires and offers more.

To illustrate this point, here are five ways expectations determine outcomes.


As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. What you hold to be true is how you’re going to behave, how you’re going to set your life, how you’re going to make decisions and key strategic moves.

These beliefs range from what you believe about relationships, what you believe about friendships, marriage, women, men, children, to what you believe about money, business, opportunity, and about God. All of those core beliefs are going to influence how you set your expectations and the resulting outcomes.

Examine which beliefs are holding you back and keeping you from taking and setting your expectations higher than you have in the past.


You must put up filters for the information you choose to consume. You must turn off the radio. Turn off the television. You must choose the voices you open your mind, spirit, and heart to.

The information you take in will determine how you set your expectations concerning tomorrow, next month, next year, and the next 10 years.

The information that you are consuming is so important. Be choosy, be careful, and be particular about the information you allow.


As you are looking to take your life, your leadership to the next level, not everybody in your life currently is qualified to go with you to the next level. Some people simply are not willing to adjust, to change, to shift their own beliefs, to address the brokenness within them. They say they want you to succeed, but in order to relate to them on this new level they’re going to have to make some adjustments, and not everybody is willing to do that. You have to be willing to leave them behind if necessary.

Find people who will build you up and who will hold you accountable. Find a close-knit group, a mastermind, a group coaching environment – something where people will only encourage your growth in the new space.


There is such a thing as self-fulfilling prophecy. You can call it all kinds of different things, but let’s call it self-fulfilling prophecy.

You have creative power. What you say moves things in the atmosphere. What you say is registered in the heavens.

Your words, the things you say about yourself, about others, about life, about possibilities, these spoken words set things in motion. The words you speak are a major factor in how your expectations unfold for you in life.


Where is your trust in God? Do you truly have faith and confidence in what God has said about your life, about your money, your provisions, your family, marriage, business, or ministry? Do you believe what He says is absolute and everything else is a lesser truth at best? Do you trust if God has said, “This is what I’ve set before you,” He is going to lead you and guide you into all of that in a very powerful and beautiful way?

There is an invisible world wherein all of the possibilities, all of the promises, all of the good things that are available to you have already been granted to you. They’re yours. They have your name on them. They’re designated and set apart for you.

The only thing that causes those things to come into our reality in the earth and realm and time and space is to exercise belief and faith in the invisible.

Set your mind on bigger and better things. Believe for all God has planned for your life. Don’t settle for half of it. Expect that great things are coming your way!

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