How Effective Communication Can Change The World

effective communication

Effective communication is vital to your success! Think about your message in terms of growing your impact, and communicating your passions.

Whatever your message, whatever your passion, your ability to communicate and connect with those you are called to serve directly impacts your success and effectiveness in life.

How many people can you think of who have a powerful story, and could influence or impact people hungry for their message, but they’re stuck with how to deliver it, or even finding out exactly who needs to hear it?

Or are you that person, who has – through life experience and trial and error – come to a point in life where you know you can help others simply by sharing what you’ve learned, what you’ve discovered, and what you’ve come to know and love?

Quickly, I’ll share 5 keys every powerful communicator has. See if you’re missing any of the following:

1. Development of a core message.

2. A good handle on personal knowledge and your expertise.

3. Tried and true delivery methods.

4. Continued personal investment in Training and Competencies.

5. Belief in the value of your message.

Your story, your message, can absolutely change someone’s life! Don’t let fear stand in the way of your influence.

I’m hosting a workshop on February 22nd, in Midlothian, Texas, and I’d love for you to join us. I’m going over all of these five keys of a powerful communicator, and so much more. There, you’ll learn how to:

  • see your unique value in the world
  • align with your God-given passion and purpose
  • find your voice and core (difference-making) message
  • identify the people who need your message and determine where they are gathered
  • make preparation easy and your presentations unforgettable
  • understand the business side of training and speaking
  • build your strategic plan for crafting your message and launching your communication platform
  • and more!

This will be a small gathering, so we can spend some time focusing on your message and your impact. We’re limiting the seating to the first 35 registrants, so you’re going to need to act fast. For more information, watch this video, and visit


I’d love to see you in February and help you get your powerful message to the very people who are hungry to hear it. For more information and to save your seat, go to: