The Most Critical Step In Achieving Your Dreams

Taking Action: Personal Deployment

deploy deployment

With yesterday being the birthday of our great country, it brought to mind the freedoms we have the privilege of pursuing in our day to day lives. The pursuit, however, will only stay as such if we don’t exercise a crucial element of action: personal deployment.

I’m so proud to meet folks who serve in the military. Since I travel so frequently, I meander through many airports, and nearly every time I’m at the airport I see our servicemen and women boarding airplanes, flying somewhere, going off to do what it is they do. It really does make me proud of our country. It especially makes me proud of those young men and young women.

Not more than a year ago, my wife and I were in an airport and we saw a small crowd of recently graduated high school students who had all enrolled in the military, and they were with their commanding officer at the airport about to fly off to their first boot camp. My wife and I both got teary-eyed because my daughter had just graduated and I thought she could have very well been one of them.

When you talk about personal deployment, the term naturally leads people, me included, to think of the military because these folks enlist to serve and their first assignment is boot camp. They are broken many times. They’re physically challenged. They are mentally challenged. Then they begin to hone in on various skill sets they’ll need to perform their duties in the military. This goes on for months, sometimes even years, depending on the specialty and their commitment.

Then comes the waiting period. They’re trained. They’re developed. They’re prepared. But they’re waiting. What are they waiting for? They’re waiting to be deployed because, quite frankly, until they’re deployed, until they’re in the place where their skills, talents, abilities, passions, and their preparation can be applied, they’re just very well-prepared people waiting to be called to duty.

For you, as you go through personal healing, discovery, and development, at some point you have to get in the game. At some point you have to deploy. You have to take on the responsibility of the assignment God has given you. At some point, you’ve got to go to the front line. You’ve got to get in the fray. You’ve got to get in the mix and do the deal for which you were created.

Another powerful metaphor or analogy here is from sports. Imagine the kids who work out at 6 a.m. every morning preparing for football season. They’re doing pushups, sit-ups, sprints, crunches. They’re running drills. They’re practicing plays. They’re watching film. They do all this stuff for hours on end, days and days and days and days, weeks and weeks. At some point, it’s game time and they suit up. They put on their pads. They put on their jersey. They put on their helmet, their shoes, their cleats. Then the coach calls their number. “Number 42, get in the game!” Now you’ve got to be willing to get out there and get smacked by some defensive end. You’ve got to be willing to take a hit. You’ve got to be willing to execute the skill you were trained to do.

And so it is with each of us. Deployment is where the money is. Deployment is where the satisfaction is. Deployment is where the fulfillment is. It’s when you get in the game. It’s when you finish that task. It’s when you launch that business, that ministry, that idea, write that book, do that deal. It’s when you do so you can be and are fulfilled. You’ve accomplished what you set out to do in the very beginning. All the goals, all the dreams, all the passions, all the desires, they come to fulfillment because why? You decided to get off the sideline and get in the game.

That’s what deployment is about. I propose a challenge to you. Maybe you’re well prepared. Maybe you’ve been going through this process yourself and you aren’t sure which step to take next, or if you should take a next step at all. Don’t hesitate. Get in the game. Start that business. Engage the destiny that is on your life. Deploy, and take action.