Constructing a Solid Foundation For Epic Success


Foundations are essential to any great building project. If you’re going to build anything substantial to stand the test of time, it must be built on a properly engineered foundation. As we transition from one level to the next, I want to help you lay a solid foundation on which to build your preferred future (the future God has already determined is yours for the taking).

Eliminate excuses. 

This is the first step in laying a solid foundation.“Woulda, coulda, shoulda” never got anyone anywhere. Your excuses and rationalizations you’ve allowed yourself to formulate to keep you comfortable need to be eliminated. Level the playing field. Erase and stop giving breath to all that junk.

The choices you make are the world you live in. The results you’ve generated previously were the direct results of the choices you made previously. What creates consequences or results are always the choices we make.

Take ownership. Eliminate excuses.

Posture yourself for your next level.

Posture is both an inside and an outside attitude, having to do with your mindset or belief systems. You have to posture yourself on the inside by realigning or reconstituting ideals. Eliminate limiting beliefs and replace them with godly, truthful beliefs about what you can accomplish and are capable of.

Posturing yourself for your next level involves dealing with yourself on the inside then dealing with some things on the outside, such as relationships. You cannot be what everyone needs you to be and simultaneously be true to the person God has called you to be. You cannot meet everyone’s expectations or remain in the state someone else needs you to stay in and at also expect you’re going to take your life, ministry, leadership, role, finances to the next level.

There are some people who love you and like being around you, but don’t necessarily understand the assignment, vision, or destiny of your life. Therefore, as you make adjustments in your thinking and the way you conduct your life, not everybody will accept your change. They’re not as interested in you becoming the person God has called you to be, as they’re interested in who they want you to be for them. Some of this posturing will involve you redefining relationships.

Sometimes you have to posture yourself by repositioning yourself environmentally. You have to leave a particular setting. Maybe it’s a job, a town, a church – evalute your environments and posture yourself accordingly.

Imagine the possibilities and see yourself succeeding in them.

So many times we put a governor on our imagination. By governor, I’m referring to a mini bike or a motorcycle or even an automobile switch. In the old school days, there was a switch that governed the capacity of the engine and its performance. It was a switch that capped potential.

Sometimes we put a governor on our imagination. We don’t allow ourselves to imagine outside the boundaries of what we’ve seen, accomplished, or dreamt possible. Because of this, we settle for less than what is available to us. Imagine the possibilities. If you don’t open your mind and heart to possibilities, you’re going to be stuck right where you are for the next many years. Let your mind and your heart go free. Let your imagination run wild.

Ask God to give you eyes to see and ears to hear available possibilities. Expand the boundaries of your possibility perspective. Give yourself permission to dream big and pursue unlimited potential residing within you.

Visualize yourself holding that book that you’ve written and published. See yourself standing on stage singing, speaking, delivering a message of hope or healing or instruction or coaching. See yourself opening the doors or doing a ribbon cutting on that business you dreamed of opening.

Confidently commit to the process of progress.

Confidence is essential to succeeding in life. You can’t lack confidence and expect to win. The absence of confidence is timidity or fear, both of which paralyze us from taking necessary actions to create opportunity, forward movement, or progress.

The absence of confidence is the primary reason people fail when committing to something new. Commitment is a pre-determined decision you’ve made on the front end of something. It involves a predetermined action plan for times when resistance, difficulty, or challenges show up on your door. Commitment is a heart issue, but it’s also a planning issue.

Difficulty will come. Challenges will come knocking on the door. You’re going to face opposition and obstacles. One of our greatest enemies is resistance. Commitment is a quality that provides the strength and will to keep us moving forward when we’re faced with challenges.

Dream big and set big goals, then commit to those. However, you must understand what we’re after is progress. Commit to progress, which is steady movement in the right direction. Confidently commit to the process of progress.

If you will ponder and consider this, as you now begin to lay the groundwork for where it is you want to go in 2017, these steps, will lay a solid, powerful, unmoving, unwavering foundation for you to take life, leadership, business, marriage, or money to a different level in a new year.

Also, did you catch the acronym?

E: Eliminate excuses.
P: Posture yourself for your next level.
I: Imagine the possibilities and see yourself succeeding in them.
C: Confidently commit to the process of progress.

This is how you and I lay a beautiful, powerful, appropriate foundation for an EPIC new season in life.