How Changing Your Mind Changes Everything

7 Ways To Train Your Brain

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Our mindsets, good or bad, create for us what is normal or what is expected. But if what you’ve expected or created has been less-than-desirable, it’s time to shake things up. You need to change your mind.

If your mindset needs a shift, there are ways to do that. You can reshape your mindset to a positive, pursuing-dreams “new normal’.

Changing your mind is not only possible, but it could be the one thing you need to do in order for your potential to become your reality.

I want to give you seven steps to help you begin this process. How do we change our mind?

1: Identify faulty and limiting mindsets.

To do this requires a level of honesty inside yourself you’ve maybe never allowed in your life. Sometimes we don’t want to look at the truth because we have to work through painful things. We have to deal with failures. We have to deal with hurt. We have to deal with disappointment.

If you’re going to change your mind, it begins with challenging your mind. You have to move into a mode of looking at the beliefs driving your behaviors and ask hard questions.

2: Move from passivity to intentionality (as it relates to our thoughts and outcomes.)

What does that mean? When I identify a limiting belief, something I recognize, as a mindset holding me back, I have to become ruthless, intentional, active in paring that thought down. The Apostle Paul instructed us to take every thought captive. Arrest it. Another scripture says gird up the loins of your mind.

Why in the world would we gird up the loins of our mind? What kind of a word picture is that? It’s very simple. Thoughts and beliefs reproduce themselves. Loins are part of the reproductive systems. We have to take every thought captive. We do not negotiate with limiting beliefs. We do not rationalize. No. If we see the fruit is not being born out in our lives, we must go after the belief. Take no prisoners. Tear it down. Deconstruct it. Bury it. Gird it up. Don’t be passive about limiting beliefs. Don’t be lackadaisical about limited results.

3: Examine the word of God.

Reflect and remember every word God has spoken to and about you. What have you dreamed about? What ideas have popped into your mind? What moments have you experienced where God has spoken to you either directly through His word, through some friend or through a minister, and something you heard registered on a deep level in your spirit? What has God said about you? Record. Write it out. Turn those statements into affirmations and begin to use God’s word to reform your mind.

4: Turn heard statements to practiced affirmations.

From each statement God has spoken to and about you, create summarized affirmations or confession statements that reform and replace those limiting beliefs.

5: Speak it to believe it.

Develop and engage the habit of reading out loud (or quietly) affirming, and confessing these statements every day, multiple times a day until the old belief is pressed out and the new belief has become solidified as your belief.

6: Develop “I am” statements.

I am millionaire. I am a successful author. I am a bestselling author. I am an influential business leader. I am a magnificent and loving father.

Does that seem arrogant or haughty? No. If I am saying what God has said about me, I am simply agreeing with heaven. Develop “I am” statements. There’s nothing wrong with saying what God has said. If God has said it, I should be saying it. Say it about yourself.

7: Engage in accountability.

Have someone, or have several people around you whom you trust. Share with them the limiting beliefs you have identified. Share with them you are being intentional about taking your thoughts captive. Give them permission to call you out when they hear you speak something not in alignment with those beliefs. Get accountability in your life.

These seven steps, I believe, will radically change your life. If you change your mind you really will change your world.

Where you are today is a result of decisions and choices you’ve made. Those decisions and choices were made because of what you believed to be true about you. If there any areas of your life you’re not satisfied with, change in circumstance begins by changing your mind.

Change your mind and change your world.