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The Ties That Bind Online Course will only be available for ONE MORE WEEK!  

The BETA launch of this powerful training program will end at 11:59pm on October 31st. Join thousands of people all over the world who have experienced healing and transformation as a result of this same course. During this LIMITED LAUNCH period, you will receive some very special resources as our gift to you.

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  • BONUS: Healing The Broken Soul video training series
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Make a decision that today you will trust God with your stuff.

Make a decision that even though you’ve been struggling, and even though it is hard, you WILL get up, you WILL trust again, and you WILL receive what your Father is longing to release in your life!

Right where you are today, you can make a decision to dig deep, submit to the process, and experience the freedom that is already yours. This course can and will change your life forever. It did mine, and has for thousands of others just like you. I encourage you to TAKE ACTION NOW. Give yourself the gift of life. Give yourself the gift of freedom. Don’t settle for ‘LESS THAN’; rather, become ALL that God has created you to be.

Decide Today to Break The Ties That Bind!



#101: The Ties That Bind Online Program

How You Can Benefit from This Powerful New Tool



It is fitting that we begin the second 100 episodes talking about The Ties That Bind. For several weeks, we have visited this subject, and even given you a backdrop for how this story unfolded. The book and the training has literally gone around the world, and changed the lives of thousands of people, but the truth is, we’ve barely scratched the surface.

Today on the program, it is my privilege to announce, we have officially launched The Ties That Bind online training program, making it possible for ANYONE who has an internet connection, ANYWHERE in the world, can now access this training and experience for themselves.

In this episode, I want to share with you How You Can Benefit from This Powerful New Tool!

#099: How You Can Reconcile the Past, Re-Engage Your Dreams, and Realize Your Full Potential [Podcast]


Most people never experience the life that is theirs by design. They lose their way, become disillusioned, confused, or have simply given up.

Today, I want to give you a framework for reclaiming your life. The one God designed for you! Today, we’re going to look at How You Can Reconcile the Past, Re-Engage Your Dreams, and Realize Your Full Potential.

#098: The Book, The Encounter, The Training: Taking A Closer Look at How it All Started [Podcast]


Today is going to be a reflective episode. You’ve heard us talk about The Ties That Bind over the years, and now we’re about to enter a new chapter in the life of this incredible work.

I thought it might be interesting for you to hear the back story, how my understanding of these principles came about, and the evolution of my perspective on them. Also, I really want you to hear the WHY behind this powerful truth. This is an exciting time for us in taking this message to the world!

Special Announcement – The Ties That Bind Online Course Coming in September!

I am excited to announce to you that ‘The Ties That Bind’ Online Course is set to be released.

The Ties That Bind is Brian Holmes’ flagship teaching that has transformed the lives of thousands of people throughout the United States and the world.

In 2004, I taught a 6-part seminar at his church on The Ties That Bind – Identifying and Breaking Unhealthy Soul Ties. Never could he have anticipated the response he would receive, nor was he prepared for the far reaching impact it would have.

In 2007, I released the book, The Ties That Bind, and soon after the professionally recorded DVD and Audio Curriculum. Since that time, many churches, small groups, and individuals have experienced the power and scope of this program.

Over the past 8 years, I’ve also conducted LIVE, multi-day intensives, where I deliver The Ties That Bind personally in a 6 hour seminar/workshop. This training has been presented all over the world, and in every case, people’s lives have been transformed and healed.

Now, you can experience this training ANYWHERE … ANYTIME!

TTB Online

This comprehensive teaching is more than another good read or listen, it is a proven PROCESS that, when followed, has led thousands of people all over the world to reconcile the past, receive deep personal healing, disconnect with unhealthy and limiting factors, and walk forward in freedom and confidence.

Please complete the form below, and we will notify you when the course is released!

#057: The Ties That Bind Story…My Personal Journey To Healing [Podcast]


Brian's Journey The Ties That Bind

I am often asked, how did the Ties That Bind come to be?

Others want to know my personal story; what makes me an authority on the process of healing I so often talk about. Well, like many others, I have a story to tell It’s my story… a true story Before this story began; before I needed healing; before I came to a crisis place in my own life; before God met me in the most unlikely place in 2000, HE had already determined that my DESTINY would be uniquely shaped by my experience and my life’s testimony.

Today on this podcast, I want to share with you a recent opportunity I had to share my story. Not only will you hear about my life, but you will hear how God revealed to us the truths and the life of God we found in ‘The Ties That Bind