Your Dawn of a New Beginning

new beggining

It’s summer, a new season, which often marks for some of us a new beginning. What does it mean to pursue new beginnings? Michael Gerber said many years ago in one of his great books that new beginnings are about “a blank piece of paper and a beginner’s mind.” You have to unpack the presuppositions and the former ideas, maybe even let go of some of the successes you had in the past, and most definitely letting go of the failures you’ve experienced in the past, and start with a clean sheet of paper. 

17 Ways To Ensure A Knock-Out Year

This is fitting since the year is 2017 and these are 17 items for getting your year on track. Aside from the numerical coincidence, however, this is a list you’ll want to keep close at hand for reviewing and renewing your goals and success on a regular basis. Let’s dive right into these 17 ways to ensure you’ll have a knock-out year.

5 Questions To Ask When Mastering Positive Expectancy

Last week I revealed 5 mysteries of expectations, how they’re set, and how they become reality. Do you truly believe you can achieve what you expect? Do you have positive expectations? Or is that something you need to work on?

Today I want to emphasize the importance of getting the space between your ears sorted out. In the next week, I want you to take one hour – one uninterrupted, distraction-free hour – to go through these factors: The beliefs you hold, the information you take in, the people in your life, the words that you speak, and your level of faith.

Write or journal the thoughts revealed to you once you sit and think on each of those 5 expectation mysteries. If you’re a Christian, ask the Holy Spirit to help you assess where you are with each of those key factors. When you can focus on and pinpoint the improvements to be made, it will make an incredibly positive difference in your life.

5 Mysteries of Expectations Revealed

When Good Intentions Aren't Good Enough

Setting goals or expectations is of paramount importance if one is going to succeed and make a difference in this world. However, goals or targets we set are oftentimes misaligned. They might be irrelevant to where we need to be going in life or they may be completely disconnected from a person’s true desires.

If a person expects they’ll struggle in some area of their life, they will. So profound, isn’t it? If you expect your sales to drop, if you expect your business’ bottom line to be affected negatively, it will. What you expect is so important.

Why? Because what you see is what you get. What you set your expectations on is what tends to show up in your life. What you set your mind on is where you point your life. Where you point your life, you’re going to wind up at the destination you determined when you started the journey.

Knowing this, we have to set our expectations in a different place. What we did before is not good enough. The next level requires more.

I want to give you five factors to determine how you set your expectations.

5 Steps To Your Greatest Life

I don’t have a magic potion or a secret equation you can utilize to get you to the point in life you want to be. I do have experience and expertise, however, and it’s from my own lessons and struggles I’m sharing this with you today.

If you want to advance to the next level of your life, your business, your influence, etc. there are five key principles you need to employ today.

The 7 Money And Mindset Myths

Mindset and money are corresponding issues. If you are struggling in the area of finance, then you are struggling in most every other area of your life.

Your mindset, mental attitude, and overall belief about money has a direct bearing on your ability to create wealth for you and for your family and for the work God has called you to.

It’s very hard to lead from behind. A major piece in our reframing our expectations equates to leadership, influence, and peace of mind.

I want to share with you seven myths about money we must bust, overturn, and replace.

A Simplistic Yet Profound Approach To Getting M.O.R.E.


Growth is a quality and activity necessary for life. Living things grow. Growing things change. Growth equates to more productivity, more creativity, more life. “More” is an acronym here to observe concepts essential for us to prepare our hearts and frame our future on the basis of possibility.

We all have challenges and struggles. How you see your future is exactly what you can receive from it. In spite of circumstance, conditions, attitudes, the temperature of the social and cultural climate all around, you can frame your future on a foundation based in faith, possibility, and opportunity.

M.O.R.E. is about increase or multiplication. It’s about your business being more influential and having a broader market share. It’s about your ministry impacting the lives of more people. It’s about what you are created to do.