How the “B-Word” Affects Your Life

believer b word belief

One topic I talk about often is belief. I share it on my podcast, I write about it, I talk about it on my Monday Mastery videos.

My premise and focus is this: What a person’s mind can believe, it can achieve.

If you believe something deeply enough in your heart, if you confidently believe you can accomplish, can be, can become, can write, can do, can have, etc., there is something about the power of another dimension (in my case, I believe it comes from heaven) that comes alongside and puts wind in your sail.

This dimension puts the capacity and the ability in your hands to perform at levels you never dreamed possible. BUT, you have to believe.

I am a believer.

As I celebrated my 50th birthday earlier this year, some of my precious friends gave me one of the most unique and touching gifts I’ve ever received over the course of my entire life. It was packaged in a large gift bag and as they handed it to me said, “Before you open the gift, read this.”

At that point, they handed me a framed letter written on parchment paper, which said: “The greatest gift we see in you is your ability to help others believe. Believe in themselves, believe in the possibility, believe in their dreams but, most important, believe in the God who created them, by Whom all things are possible and in Whose hands they can entrust their dreams. On January 13, 1967 you were born, and Billboard’s number 1 song was ‘I’m a Believer.’”

(The day I was born, the number 1 song on the radio was “I’m a Believer”!)

The letter then explained, “This, of course, was by The Monkees, and it was from their More of the Monkees album. That single sold more than a million copies in its first 2 days of release. It ranked 1 of fewer than 40 songs in history to sell more than 10 million copies worldwide. Fifty years later now, the song still has a global following in its original or remade versions. It was neither the talent of the 1960s boy band nor its albeit catchy tune that made the song hugely popular. What caught the hearts of music fans in 1967 and still resounds worldwide are the lyrics that assure us we can believe in happy and prosperous endings, that it’s safe to be a for real believer. People want to believe.”

The letter continued, “Because of the first 50 years of your life, people around the world do. People around the world say in their hearts and with their voices, ‘Yes, I’m a believer.’” The letter ended here and was signed by my friends.

First of all, they had me read it out loud in front of a group of people. As I was reading aloud, I became quite weepy. It resonated with all I’ve been working for the past several years. It really, really touched me.

They then handed me a collector’s frame in which was the original album cover and the album of “I’m a Believer.”

I will forever cherish that gift and that experience because that is me; that is my life.

I want to encourage you to be a believer. It’s a new season as we head into fall, and it’s a new season for your life.

In spite of what’s happened in the past, in spite of what’s going on behind you, in spite of some of the things that have set you back along the way, believe in your dream.

Believe in what and in who God has created you to be. Go after that purpose God has given you to fulfill. The people who you are intended to impact in your lifetime, they’re waiting on you to believe enough to get in the game and make it happen.

I want to tell you this: I believe in you. I hope you believe in you, too.