9 Things To Remember When You Feel Like Giving Up

How To Approach Change And Transition

dont give up

It seems like no matter what’s happening in the world around us, our own lives are constantly going through the process of change.

Whether it be in business, relationships, events, hobbies, interests, or ministry – circumstances and variables are always changing.

Sometimes it can become too much, we think, and we have to start back-pedaling, or even bailing out altogether, in order to function again.

I’m here to tell you, doing that would be a recipe for dysfunction, not progress.

Since we’re always in the midst of change and transition, however, let’s discover how to work through it, and prepare ourselves for the opportunities that wait on the other side of change.

1: Everything happens for a season and in its season.

There is a time and a season for every event under heaven. (Ecc. 3) Transition, by definition, is the movement between point A and point B. You can’t go from one to the next overnight. Everything is walked out in its season.

When something’s season has come to an end, it means a new element is starting its new season. Don’t give up and miss out. Know God is setting before you a brand new season and opportunity.

2: Stop performing for others, and look for the blessing.

If I perform, make decisions, choices, to meet man’s expectations, chances are I will not meet God’s expectations. I may miss the full measure of the blessing, prosperity, and work He has for me.

I have an innate drive to please people and make others happy. Rather than being clear on what God has specifically instructed me to do, I default to people-pleasing mode. In doing so, I veer off of the path and don’t arrive at the destination God intended for me.

Changing the focus from gaining approval from others and gaining the blessing of what He has already approved of, changes the approach completely.

3: When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

This is an old proverb. When you say “yes” to what God is setting before you (opportunities associated with your purpose and calling), they begin to show up at your door.

When you say “yes”, and are ready to pursue the thing He has given you to do, everything you need to move in that direction will show up without your having to fight for them.

Conversely, if you give up, you also inhibit others from using their gifts, talents, and calling to assist you in your time of need.

4: Nothing changes until something changes.

If you are not completely satisfied with where you’ve been, results you’ve generated, or you know you are not leading or maximizing your potential, something has to change. Nothing, by way of the fruit or the results, will change until something in you changes.

Someone once said, “until the pain of remaining the same exceeds the pain of change we will choose to remain the same.” When you cross the threshold and it is no longer tolerable for you to continue in the discomfort, the frustration, the pain of remaining the same, engage in the process of transition and change, moving toward a brighter, newer, fresher future God has for you.

5: Today’s events become tomorrow’s building blocks.

Sometimes the difficult, arduous, even painful process of dealing with deep-seated roots and things that have to be changed in us, seems too much to bear.

What you have to know is whatever you’re going through becomes the foundation for what is on the other side. How you handle this season becomes the building blocks for the future you’re desiring to create.

6: God is always working.

God is always wanting to grow us. God is always wanting us to develop. He is always challenging us to a higher standard. He wants to release more, therefore, He requires more.

We never arrive. There will never be a time in any of our lives we get to a point where God is not desiring to take us higher, farther, or to release to us more blessing. God is always wanting to grow us. The question is: Are we willing to allow Him to work on us?

7: No More Jack-of-All, Master-of-None.

One of the most important words we could ever master is this simple little two-letter word, “no.” There are 1,000 things I can do adequately, and quite a few I can do really well. When I am not focused on the primary things God has called me to do, though, I am dividing my resources and not doing anything effectively. I’m involved in many things, but not accomplishing much.

If the change you’re facing is closing the door on something you can do, don’t get in the way. Look to the open door of what you’re capable of, instead.

8: Leave your baggage.

How you leave one season is how you will enter the next. If you haven’t resolved your past in your mind or heart, you’re going to bring all of those issues into the new environment.

You will sabotage the new opportunity. You cannot engage the new season God wants to release to you right now and insist on hanging on to old junk from the previous season.

If you’re carrying any baggage, start dropping it off. Go in with nothing defiling your potential.

9: Trust the Holy Spirit.

I have come to understand, appreciate, and value the leadership of God in my life. I believe without Him, as scripture says, I can do nothing. I know God has given us prolific mind, and the capacity to rationalize and make decisions.

The Bible says the Holy Spirit leads and guides us into all truth. Am I supposed to be in that relationship? Am I supposed to sign that contract? Am I supposed to write that book? The Holy Spirit will lead us in those truths.

In summary, never quit or give up in the middle of transition.

The other side of transition is worth the process. Michael Hyatt calls the middle of anything “the messy middle.”

As you go through change, you come to a point indicating you’re on the right track. Opportunities present themselves setting you up for tremendous blessing and engagement down the road.

Don’t give up. Don’t quit. Don’t back down. Finish what you started. It’s going to be worth it.