7 Ways To Experience Personal Growth

personal growth

I just spent the weekend with my Strategic Influencers Mastermind group, and what an incredible, inspiring weekend it was. Every time we get together in person, breakthroughs take place, ideas are inspired, and action steps are laid out for each member to sprint to their next level.

It always encourages me in my own endeavors when I see the group on fire like they were this past weekend (and not just because it was unseasonably warm here in Dallas!). When I see the faces of the mastermind members in the room, and know what they’ve committed to in order to grow themselves and establish their future, it really moves me.

What do you do for your own personal growth? Is there anything you’ve thought, or known, to do, but haven’t pulled the trigger?

Personal growth is something we all must pursue. It begins within. As you consider developing a personal growth plan for your life, consider seven areas in which that growth plan must be applied.

7 Ways To Experience Personal Growth

1: Spiritual Growth

We are spirit beings, made in the image and likeness of God. He designed us to function with leadership, governance, and influence. One facet of growing spiritually is our personal relationship with God.

Another part of growing spiritually means being at peace with oneself. It has to do with the health of your soul. In order to grow spiritually, I have to look at my relationship with God, my relationship with myself, and my relationship with others.

2: Character Growth

Character has to do with attitudes, mindsets, weaknesses and identifying areas where there may be deficiencies in my life. It means being ruthless with weaknesses. Check attitudes and understand where that attitude is coming from. Do you have a character of being lazy or disciplined? Is your character one of entitlement or being driven? Know what your character is, and begin shaping it to what it needs to be.

3: Growth of Mind

The Bible tells us as a man thinketh in his heart so is he. What knowledge do you need to acquire? Are you feeding your mind with healthy things? Are you feeding your mind with things that will grow you? Are you reading to learn? Are you doing things just to be entertained?

One of the greatest ways that I know to grow personally is to read. Consume information and not just any information, but that which would grow you as a person. Find appropriate podcasts, classes, seminars, webinars, or online courses to grow in a certain area or skillset.

4: Competency Growth

You cannot perform well if you’ve not prepared well. If one has not given themselves over to preparation and training and growing knowledge, or if one has been unwilling to put in the hard work of developing skill sets and becoming better at something, when it comes time for them to perform on the stage they will not perform well.

Grow your competencies. Get better. If you want to become good at something, you have to invest in relevant training and expose yourself to successful people in that field.

5: Confidence Growth

Acquiring knowledge and growing your competency in an area fosters the growth of your confidence. What I don’t know is killing me. What I don’t know creates insecurities. In an area where I don’t have a particular competence, I find it more difficult to be confident if asked to perform at a certain level.

The more you do something, the better you become at it. The better you become at something the more confident you are about that thing. The more knowledge you gain in an area the more confident you are to speak to that issue. Knowledge acquisition and growing one’s competencies will eliminate insecurities.

Another way to grow in confidence is to deal with limiting belief systems. Eradicate and eliminate negative voices and influences in your life.

6: Vision Growth

We know without vision, people perish. No vision, no future. Without dreams, you’re going to lack the ability to move forward with confidence, power, strength, or effectiveness. Awaken dormant dreams within you. Dream big. Dream outside of your comfort zone. Create great plans.

7: Influence Growth

Proverbs 16:18 says, “A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before great men.” Who are you called to influence, and are you prepared to meet them? Your ability to administer influence in any sphere or with any group of people is directly related to whether or not you have grown personally. You have something to offer with credibility and validity behind it.

Do you have a personal development or a personal growth plan? Is there some means by which you have created an accountability structure so as you have set these growth plans and growth goals, you’re able to keep yourself accountable to that course of action? Better yet, do you have someone in your life that can hold you accountable to that plan?

Are you willing to restructure your life? Are you willing to eliminate some things you’re working on presently or spending time on so you can make quantitative and qualitative time for your own personal development?

Will you continue doing what you’ve always done and just waiting for something to happen, or is this the season of your life where you will actually move toward changing, move toward development, move toward personal growth?

I am honored to have spent the weekend in a room full of people who have and continue to develop their personal growth plans. Never stop growing yourself, and you’ll be surprised at the opportunities which unfold before you.