7 Ways To Create A Lifestyle Of Learning

lifestyle learning

Learning and growing and feeding your mind, developing in the areas of potential that you may possess in your life, are prerequisites for significant opportunities that might come your way.

If you’re not prepared and you don’t have adequate knowledge concerning a matter or a field or a subject or a topic or a skillset, you probably won’t come across too many opportunities. I have found opportunities present themselves to those who have prepared ahead of time.

How do you continuously grow and learn? How does a person apply themselves? How do they become a learner? How do we use our time together to acquire knowledge and information?

There are seven ways I can share with you which will help you to move toward making learning your lifestyle.

Number one: Read.

I’ve heard several people say over the last number of years if you want to be among the top 1 percent of experts in any field of study, read 10 books about it because the person who will read 10 books on 1 subject has acquired, consumed, and internalized more condensed specific knowledge about one topic than most people will get in a lifetime on that topic. Whether it’s listening to audio books, reading on a Kindle, or turning actual pages of a book, reading is powerful.

Number two: Listen.

Listening to podcasts or other audio programs can grow your knowledge exponentially. There are thousands of podcasts available to you on any subject. Anything you want to learn about, you can probably find an on-demand program or podcast and consume specific information every week.

Number three: Read blogs.

Just like podcasts and online audio programs, you can find hundreds of blogs out there on countless topics of interest. It is endless what you could be putting into your mind and heart every day to become a lifestyle learner. Whether you subscribe to the author’s mailing list, RSS feed, or find the blogs through social media, blogs are a great way to stay informed on the latest information of the topic you’re reading about. They’re always being updated and refined to their audience (you).

Number four: Online courses.

Most of the time these come in specialized areas. If you want to take a course on photography, for example, you can find dozens of courses online to take. You pay one price. You get access online to an entire series of teachings and trainings and hands-on kind of things. If you want to take an online course about leadership or developing a mastermind group or writing a book, these courses are all online. Most are at your own pace, and the material is available to you forever.

Number five. Attend conferences.

If you Googled your interest, something you wanted to learn about, an area you want to grow in, you could probably find three or four legitimate, wonderful conferences or seminars you could pay to attend. There is so much available out there. I have found by taking the time, disconnecting from my day-to-day life, going away, and immersing myself in an arena 100% focused on what I’m wanting to learn more about, it is a phenomenal way to grow in a short, condensed space of time.

Number six: School.

There are some of you who your particular interest or passion is going to require you to go to a college campus or to a specialized school to earn the certifications you need to practice what you’re called to do, such as nursing or a real estate agent or an investment broker. It is, of course, another way you can be a lifelong learner and grow in your craft or purpose.

Number seven. Ask.

Who is already doing what you want to do? What experts are you watching? Who do you admire? Those are the people you need to make an intentional effort to get in their space. Go where they’re going to be. If they’re teaching a seminar somewhere, go to their seminar. If they’re offering an online course or an online webinar, attend. Be a part of their community. Get involved with these individuals.

Find the people you admire that you believe you can learn from and ask.

Make learning your lifestyle, not your obligation. Learning opens the doors for more opportunities, more successful encounters, and dare I say – more fun.