7 Powerful Ways To Catapult Your Success

catapult to success

When we decide to dream a big dream, to take on a new project or a new goal, to stretch ourselves outside of our comfort zone, we trigger a psychological reaction that requires us to deal with our unbelief. Saying yes to the new level requires us to draw from our core belief system for support and for the execution of the new idea. If for some reason that core belief or that comfort zone is not aligned with and congruent with the new level and what is available to us on that level, then conflict is created internally, and now something has to be done about it.

Our creative subconscious goes to work to broker a deal between the outside objective and the internal dialogue. It begins the process of conflict resolution. The problem with this conflict resolution is more often than not, our unconscious mind is working to cause us to conform to the status quo, not to break free from it.

It takes intent and discipline to push beyond the status quo into these unchartered territories. It takes determination and a driving desire to move past the safety and security of what we’ve always known and navigate outside the boundaries of what we’ve always had.

If you’re ever going to accomplish your goals, you’re going to have to confront the greatest foe in your life. The greatest foe is the status quo. Here are a few ways to overcome it:

Make up your mind.

You know what you want and what you want to do. Make up your mind you’re going to have it, do it, accomplish it, be it. There is something about making up your mind that changes the dynamic of everything you’re dealing with.


Make up your mind you’re not going to settle for less than what you’re capable of. Make up your mind you are going to have what God has said you can have. Make up your mind you’re going to do what it is you are capable of doing. You must make up in your mind you will not settle for average and ordinary because that is not why you were created.

Declare your “what.”

This takes discovery. It takes time. Sometimes it takes a lot of exploration and counsel and seeking. Every one of us was created for a purpose. There is something unique we’re supposed to be engaged in, and you need to figure out what that is. Don’t spend half of your life trying to figure it out. Once you know what it is that is in your heart to do, declare it. State it. Make it real. Own it.

Know and understand your “why.”

All of us want to make money. All of us want to create wealth. All of us want to leave an inheritance for our children. All of us want to have nice things. I get that. May I suggest to you that making money is not a good “why”?

The end game is not amassing great wealth. The end game is how many people can I serve and help on my way to doing this. Why do you get up every day and get ready and go do the thing you do? Why do you go to work every day and mentor those people and love those people? What is your “why”? This is about getting in touch with the reason you exist.

The “stop, keep, add” exercise.

I borrowed this from one of my dearest friends, Ray Edwards. Periodically, you should evaluate: What am I presently doing in my life I need to stop doing? It’s not paying me dividends. It’s not getting me where I need to be. What activities are we doing that we simply need to stop doing?

This is not an easy exercise. It’s not easy for us to lay aside activities because there is something about being active that makes us sense and feel that we’re doing something good.

What do you need to stop doing? Some things are good things, but not all things are meaningful.

What do you need to keep – relationships, habits, activities, tasks, businesses? What needs to remain the same and be strengthened?

What do you need to add? What are you not currently doing you need to start doing?

Be willing to walk away.

There are some relationships that cannot and should not go with you to the next level. If you’re wanting to rise above the status quo, there may be some people or activities you need to leave behind. There may be a job or a paycheck or a career or a context you have operated in for many years you have to walk away from.

You can’t be everywhere at one time. You can’t do everything. You can’t be everything for everybody. Walk away from some things so you can engage the main things that are going to help you to accomplish what you desire to do in your life.

Engage a viable support system.

I cannot stress this enough. This is not a time for you to be the lone ranger or a maverick. We were not created to stand alone.

There are people you can collaborate with and connect with who will support you as you grow into the potential you have the capacity to grow into. You need people around you. You need counselors, advisors, encouragers, cheerleaders, coaches. You need mastermind group people. You need a support system. We all do.

Be all in.

Be all in, no matter the risk or the cost. I use the metaphor of poker often. One of my favorite things is when a player either has a tremendous, over the top, undeniable hand to play or when that same player has the ability to bluff his way to a big win. That player will take all of the chips sitting in front of them, push everything they have into the middle of the table, and say: “I’m all in.” They are going to, in that moment, risk everything they have available to play the hand they have.

That’s the kind of attitude you and I have to have. Don’t hold out and expect to win big. Now is the time for you to get off the sideline and go all in. Pay the big price. In doing so, you’re assured of a fabulous year and a big win.


It’s “go big” time. It’s time for you to challenge the status quo, to get beyond it once and for all, and to declare your intention to establish yourself wherever it is God has planted you this year. Do it big, and do it today.

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