5 Questions To Ask When Mastering Positive Expectancy

Last week I revealed 5 mysteries of expectations, how they’re set, and how they become reality. Do you believe you can achieve what you expect? Do you have positive expectations? Or is that something you need to work on?

Today I want to emphasize the importance of getting the space between your ears sorted out. In the next week, I want you to take one hour – one uninterrupted, distraction-free hour – to go through these factors: The beliefs you hold, the information you take in, the people in your life, the words that you speak, and your level of faith.

Write or journal the thoughts revealed to you once you sit and think on each of those 5 expectation mysteries. If you’re a Christian, ask the Holy Spirit to help you assess where you are with each of those key factors. When you can focus on and pinpoint the improvements to be made, it will make an incredibly positive difference in your life.

Now that we’ve reviewed the factors determining our expectations, let’s talk about the power of positive expectancy. One of the most powerful things I have ever come to realize is God has given each of us the power to create out of nothing. My belief is we were created in God’s image. Genesis chapter 1 tells us we were created in God’s image and in His likeness, meaning we look like Him, and we are like Him, having the same creative qualities He has.

In creation, Genesis 1, (hopefully you believe in creation because this won’t make sense if you don’t, but just go there with me) God thought a thought. He undoubtedly believed and had faith in His own power and character to perform what that thought was. Then He said, “Let there be,” and the Bible tells us whatever He said, “Let there be,” to it was, (became) out of nothing. He created things which did not exist in time and space, yet existed in the invisible world and really, more importantly, existed in the power of His mind and of His thought. Out of nothing, whatever He said, came to be.

I am convinced there was not a lick of hope involved in these creative statements of His. I’m sure God didn’t say, “Let there be ______,” then He sat back and started chewing His fingernails fretting, “Gosh, I really hope this thing works out. I’m going to give this a shot, and I hope it works.” No. He thought it, He believed it, He said it, and it was.

He fully expected what was in His mind would manifest in time and space. Are you freaking out on me yet? Let’s go to the Bible and lay a foundation for this first. The Bible says Abraham spoke of things that were not as though they already were. What? When Abraham prayed, he did not have to see the tangible result before he thought the thought, believed the thought, and talked about the future in the present tense. Do you get that? He talked about what did not exist as though it already existed. Because he said those words, what did not exist became a reality to him.

It’s one thing to verbally express desires and leave them as such. You can talk all you want, but what you say must be aligned with what you believe in your heart. You have to set your expectations from a place of sincerity and integrity, deep within.

What are you seriously expecting? What do you sincerely expect to show up for your life, for your marriage, for your job, your business, your ministry, your money? Talk is cheap. What is truly in your heart of hearts?

Here’s an exercise for you to do from a place of honesty, transparency, and integrity. If you’re going to master positive expectancy, start by answering these 5 questions.

1: What do I want for my life?

Go through all areas of your life and examine what you want most. This is not a time to set goals. Start with simple statements. “I want to have a better marriage. I want to have a net worth of $500,000. I want to own a new airplane.” These are not specific goals so much as simply identifying a want right now. What do you want for your life? Describe in detail.

2: Why are these things important to me?

Are they even important to me really? We say we want things, but are they really important? If so, why are they important? Be honest and specific.

3: What obstacles (internal or external) have I allowed to negatively impact my expectations in these areas?

I suspect some of the things you want in your life, you wanted this time last year. Why did they not show up? Possibly, it’s because although you desire them, you do not expect them.

4: What am I willing to do about this?

Are you willing grapple with whatever the negative thing is, eradicate it, move it out, and replace it with positive expectancy?

5: Am I willing?

Are you willing to dump the distractions, disconnect from the naysayers, and discontinue the negative self-talk holding you back? Are you willing? Yes or no. If so, who are you going to allow to hold you accountable to do this?

Here’s my charge to you today: Set your mind on bigger and better things. Believe all God has planned for your life. Don’t settle for only half of it. Set your mind to positively expect you’re going to have everything God has designated for you and your life.

Expect great things to be coming your way. Master the power of positive expectancy.