4 Ways To Launch Your New Beginning

Change is inevitable. There is nothing in our body, our world, our community, or our surroundings not in a constant state of change. Change will thrust itself into your world and ask of you things which will cause you to be temporarily uncomfortable. Change will come. The question is: how will you handle it?

Transition is something we all experience in life in various seasons. It is the place between the way things used to be and the way things are becoming. Transition is the blank page between two chapters in a book if you will.

In our lives, between one chapter and the next, lies this blank page situation: we’re not completely finished enjoying the moment of yesterday, or we’re not finished grieving what just happened, yet we’re not sure what’s going to happen tomorrow. We’re somewhere in between. It’s not where you have been, and it’s certainly not the full expression of where you are going. It is the messy middle of change.

Tony Robbins says: “Change is inevitable, but progress is optional.”

Here are four ways you can find your way to the other side of life changes and launch your new beginning.

Learn to recognize when something’s season has come to an end.

How do we do this? There are questions you can ask yourself, Litmus tests if you will, which give an indication (when answered honestly) as to whether something’s season has come to an end in your life.

Some questions to ask:

  • Is there still passion?
  • Is there still fulfillment?
  • Do you still find joy in doing whatever that is the way you’ve been doing it?
  • Do you still find it to be enjoyable?
  • Is it something that brings you life and happiness?
  • Has it become mundane?
  • (Especially if it involves a relationship) Is this still producing fruit?

Let go of the past.

Let go of past hurts. Let go of past disappointments. Let go of thinking you had to have it your way.

Let go of past relationships. When God invites you to go to the next level, one of the first things you have to know is not everybody who has been hanging out with you on the current or previous level is going to go with you to the next one. When it’s your time to go up forward, you must understand not everyone in your world presently has the capacity to go with you.

Let go of past failures. We become so immersed in the emotion of failure, we forget failure is just a moment. Tomorrow holds new opportunities.

Part of letting go is learning and choosing to forgive those who have wrongfully accused us, those who have done us wrong, those who have hurt us, those who have betrayed us. We must let go. Forgive them, release them, and love them.

Identify opportunities.

Our default as human beings is to focus on what has been because that is our reference point. All of our memories, our belief systems, our experiences, are based on our experience to this point. Our default is to filter everything through the prism of what has been. Instead of focusing on what has been, we should be filtering through what can be. What has God said is possible? Identify opportunities, new relationships, a new career. Maybe it’s the same career path, but a different company. Identify opportunities, then pursue them.

Make a total commitment to your future.

I often use this picture of watching those who play Texas Hold ‘Em in the televised tournaments. There is a point when one of the players has a mound of chips on the table, they cup both hands around them, they push all the chips into the middle of the table, and they say, “I’m all in.” If God has a future for you – and He does – why not go all in? Why not make a full-out commitment to go after it, even if it costs you everything?

Every day God’s mercies are new. Every morning He is better than He was the day before. If God is taking you into a new day, a new season, a new chapter, it must be so much better than where you’ve been. So why not commit to it? No reservations. Your next chapter is designed to be greater than your last. Your tomorrow is destined to be far more prosperous and fulfilling than your yesterdays.

Some of us have not prospered so well in the last season. Some of us have been struggling financially or spiritually or emotionally or with our families. Regardless, He knows the plans He has for you, and they are related to your tomorrows. Go all in. Commit.

Do you believe God has plans for you? Do you believe He wants your tomorrow to be ridiculously better than your yesterday? He can’t lie. There is a new level, a new experience.

Take a chance on change. Embrace it, and use it to launch you into your best season yet.