#311: Monday Mastery – Living a Life of Passion and Purpose


Welcome to our video blog and Monday Mastery Edition of our Strategic Leader Podcast with Brian Holmes! Each Monday, we provide a video & podcast audio segment designed to encourage, motivate, challenge, and develop you as a leader and influencer.

There is more to life than doing the same thing everyone else is doing, for the same reasons everyone else is doing them. Tune in to this powerful Monday Mastery episode where we talk about unlocking passions, finding purpose, and fulfilling big dreams. What you love to talk about, what you love to do, what you love to engage in, is your launching pad. Start there, and propel forward!

Watch the video or download and listen to our audio file as well. Join us every Monday for a new Monday Mastery Edition of our Strategic Leader podcast, and every Thursday (beginning again in September) for a new in-depth episode.

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