#151: Surrounded

The Value of Real Friends And Why You Need Them



Someone once said it’s the ultimate blessing if in a lifetime they have a few good friends. That statement is so true, yet in our culture today, what we call “friendships” barely qualify as acquaintances.

We’re so busy, we rarely take time to really do life with others. When faced with challenging times, so many of us find ourselves isolated. Why? Because there is a lack of investment in real friendships!

You are designed for relationship, partnership, and accountability. We all need people in our life who will love and challenge us to reach for the next level. This is why we’re going to talk about being Surrounded: The Value of Real Friends and Why You Need Them.

The Gist:

Jim Rohn once said, “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” Think about that! Every area of your life will ultimately look like the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Ask yourself:

  • Do I want what they have, or do I want more?
  • Do I like what I see in their marriage, or do I want better?
  • Do I like where they are spiritually, financially, mentally, or am I designed for something greater?

9 Qualities of Real Friends:

1. Real friends love you, no matter your state or condition.

2. Real friends are patient, even when you have nothing to give.

3. Real friends care about your success and well-being MORE than they care about what you can do for them.

4. Real friends give more than they take.

5. Real friends don’t judge you for the mistakes you make, but they make judgements of you based on the character of your heart.

6. Real friends carry you during tough times.

7. Real friends speak the truth to you, even when you don’t want to hear it.

8. Real friends surround you with love and wisdom and provide you with a safe place to just be.

9. Real friends aren’t fickle; they care committed for the long haul.

What a blessing to have REAL friends!

Why You Need Real Friends:

  • You  need friends who love you in spite of yourself.
  • You won’t always be strong. Sometimes you may need to lean on others.
  • You don’t know it all. Smart people tap into the wisdom of their trusted peers and friends.
  • You need accountability.
  • You need friends for whom you never have to perform.
  • You need others adding value to you.
  • You need people who will speak truth, even when it hurts.

Closing Thoughts:

  • My prayer for you is you will welcome transition, run into the new season, and realize the beauty and the value of true, God-ordained, meaningful relationships in your life.

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