#141: The L3 Philosophy [Podcast]

Live Big, Love Deep, and Lead Well


Live Big, Love Deep, and Lead Well

Philosophy is not often talked about in the context of day-to-day living, or even in leadership. I consider this so unfortunate! Having a baseline philosophy is imperative if you are headed to success.

What I’m sharing today may not be an exhaustive comprehensive foundation, but it is absolutely a starting point to stabilize your priorities and what you want to build on. It’s a simple, yet profound framework I’m calling The L3 Philosophy.

The L3 Philosophy

There are three components to this framework:

  1. Live Big
  2. Love Deep
  3. Lead Well

1. Live Big:

PRINCIPLE #1: The possibilities will only be realized when you increase the size and volume of your containers.

PRINCIPLE #2: Grow your capacity and the solutions show up in your life.

What does living big look like?

  • Dream Big
  • Think Big
  • Believe Big
  • Work Big
  • Have Big Goals

2. Love Deep:

  • Choose to love, and love deep.
  • Choose to receive love.
  • Choose to let the walls down and entrust your heart to others.

3. Lead Well:

  • If you’re going to do anything in life, do it well.
  • Whatever you put your hands to, do it with all your might.
  • Lead – and do – with excellence!

Closing Thoughts:

  • What is your guiding philosophy of life and leadership?
  • Have you “smalled up” yourself?
  • Have you scaled down your potential to meet the size of a faulty or limiting container?
  • Are you able to receive God’s love, or the love others have for you?
  • Are you able to give love?
  • Are you giving your all as it relates to leadership?

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