#131: The 3M Leadership Formula [Podcast]

Personal Mastery, Persistent Motivation & Powerful Momentum


3M Leadership Formula

When it comes to life and leadership, I rarely talk about magic formulas or silver bullets. Principles are what drive success, influence, and fulfillment!.

Although I’m referencing a formula in today’s episode, it is really a thesis on three factors which play a significant part in success and failure of any goal or undertaking.

If you have these three components working for you, you are sure to maximize your leadership influence and succeed in life. The are:

  • Personal Mastery
  • Persistent Motivation
  • Powerful Momentum

I’m calling it The 3M Leadership Formula: Personal Mastery, Persistent Motivation, & Powerful Momentum.

The Review:

Last week, Dr. Sam Chand talked about Leadership Pain. He mentioned a specific matrix I found fascinating. He explained:

  • Growth = Change

  • Change = Loss

  • Loss = Pain


  • Growth = Pain

This is so true! We cannot grow in life or leadership without change. Change causes us to lose – at the very least – all that is familiar to us, which gives us a degree of pain. But if we’re going to have any growth, we’re going to have to understand pain as well.

I want to look at this from a different angle today.

The 3M Leadership Formula:

1: Personal Mastery

  • Mind
  • Time
  • Emotions
  • Development Plans
  • Learning
  • Life

2: Persistent Motivation

  • Re-engage your “who am I?” and “why am I here?” focus!

3: Powerful Momentum

  • It takes a lot of work and effort to engage momentum, but once it’s going, it makes the work so much easier!

Reflection Questions:

1. Are you committed to personal mastery?

2. Have you given up?

3. Can you conjure up an attitude of persistence, perseverance, and pressing through?

4. Can you remember your WHY and allow it to motivate you?

Closing Thoughts:

  • These 3M forces are game changers.
  • It’s all on you to pursue mastery.
  • Commit your mind and heart to persistent motivation.
  • Press hard into the creation of powerful momentum.

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