#127: 7 Reasons Every Leader Must Experience Their Own Personal Healing [Podcast]

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7 Reasons Every Leader Must Experience Their Own Personal Healing

We each have unique strengths and weaknesses. Every person, and every leader especially, has areas where they will really shine. That said, lurking somewhere beneath the surface are unresolved, broken issues that, if left unaddressed, will leave you open for unfortunate outcomes.

We have so many reminders that a person’s potential is often capped at the point of their unresolved pain. This is why I feel it’s so important to talk about this today, and share 7 Reasons Every Leader Must Experience Their Own Personal Healing.

Personal Healing:

Personal healing is the process of identifying, acknowledging, reconciling, and rebooting.

  1. IDENTIFY: the broken area; the outcomes/results the brokenness is producing.
  2. ACKNOWLEDGE: the pain, loss, event, circumstance, anger, bitterness, or unforgiveness.
  3. RECONCILE: Own it, forgive, resolve to not let it continue to have power over you, let it go, let them go, give yourself permission to move on. Lay it down!
  4. REBOOT: See your life through new eyes. What is possible, now that you’re not filtering your potential through unresolved issues?

Every leader needs to embrace this process, because it opens up a new realm of possibilities; opportunities that have always existed, but couldn’t be seen.

7 Reasons Every Leader Must Experience Their Own Personal Healing:

1: You cannot change what you don’t acknowledge.

The challenges you face in life/leadership are a direct result of the condition of your own heart.

2: Unresolved issues always lead to complex, even compounded, problems.

To ignore the issue is to ensure the eventual dismantling of one’s leadership influence.

3: Defective leading leads to destructive habits; destructive habits lead to disrupted destiny.

Your core beliefs will always govern the outcomes in your life, business, and leadership.

4: Hurting people hurt people.

A leader who refuses to address his/her own issues is sure to hurt those they are called to lead.

5: Your personal perspective affects your ability to see, and a persona with tainted vision cannot lead effectively.

When a leader’s vision is clouded, especially by pain or unforgiveness, the entire organization suffers.

6: Your internal condition will ultimately determine your external influence.

It is difficult to lead others with integrity when your own life is in shambles.

7: God longs for you to be healed so you can live well, love strong, and lead effectively.

Jesus said, “I have come that you might have life, and that more abundantly.”

Reflection Questions:

1. Are there areas in your life needing to be addressed, or even healed?

2. Are you ready to acknowledge those things?

3. Are you ready to grapple with the pain so you can glory in the resolution of that which has haunted you for years?

Closing Thoughts:

  • Every leader must experience personal healing.
  • Every leader must decide today to acknowledge their pain, brokenness, and vulnerabilities.
  • Every leader must pursue coaching, counseling, or the accountability of a friend.
  • Every leader must recognize their leadership potential is capped at the point of their unresolved pain.

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