#125: Your Mindset Matters [Podcast]

The Way You Think Determines The Way You Lead


Your Mindset Matters-

We’ve talked before about how beliefs are formed and how your internal hard-drive contains a lifetime of inputs and experiences your behavior is governed by. It’s true people act according to how they perceive truth – whether or not it’s actually true.

But what does our mindset have to do with the way we lead? Do our core beliefs affect the way we dream or plan or influence others?

In today’s episode, we’ll look at these and other questions as we unpack how Your Mindset Matters: The Way You Think Determines The Way You Lead.

For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he…
~ Proverbs 23:7 


Every area of our lives is affected by our  mindset. Victim mindset produces hopeless situations. Poverty mindset produces helpless situations. Controlling mindset produces rigid environments. But let’s focus on some positives when it comes to the power of our mindset! Aspire to adopt these traits in your own life:

10 Qualities of a Leader’s Mindset:

1: Vision

A leader does not allow the past to determine the future. They SEE possibilities and convey them to those who are following.

2: Personal Growth

Leaders posses the desire to grow intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, and in their influence. Leaders are committed to a lifetime of learning.

3: WE, not ME

A leader effectively mines the talents, skills, and gifts of the collective and leads the group to the full realization of their potential. The spotlight is on the team, not the individual.

4: Ownership

A leader takes ownership, responsibility, and accountability. They never blame others or pass the buck.

5: Innovation

Leaders live and think outside the box. They find ways to solve problems, even if those solutions are uncommon, unheard of, or unconventional.

6: Investment

Leaders not only invest in their own personal growth, but in the growth and development of others. They train, coach, and develop others with a heart of genuine service.

7: Empowerment

A leader promotes and empowers their followers to achieve, and are not threatened by the success of their team.

8: Patience

A leader understands the law of the seed, in it taking time for someone (or something) to grow and mature into full potential.

9: Abundance

Leaders expect prosperity and success, and believe when there is vision, resources will appear.

10: Leading by Example

A leader is not a manager, telling everyone what to do and when. A leader is in the trenches, working alongside, and rushing in rather than simply distributing orders.

Reflection Questions:

1. What beliefs do you hold that may handicap your leadership?

2. Are there areas in your thinking that need to change in order for you to become more effective in life?

3. Look at the fruit of your life and leadership. Examine it closely. Is it time to till up some hard ground and establish a new way of thinking?

Closing Thoughts:

  • You will rise to the level of your mindset. No more.
  • Your mindset matters in life AND in leadership!

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