#117: 10 Questions You Must Answer If You Want 2016 To Be A Breakout Year [Podcast]


10 Questions

I believe in spite of all the challenges we’re presently facing in our world, opportunities abound. But if you believe and are willing to stretch yourself, this can – and will! – be one of the greatest seasons of your life.

How can we rise above the status quo, and take our lives and our leadership to a level we’ve never experienced before? How can we make sure this year is not simply a repeat of last year?

I want to have you answer 10 questions today that will help set you down the path to new beginnings and achievements this year. Here are 10 Questions You Must Answer If You Want 2016 To Be A Breakout Year.

He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes. He who does not ask a question remains a fool forever.” ~ Chinese Proverb

Change requires movement. Movement requires action. Action requires commitment. Commitment requires a decision be made. Decisions require information, and dependable, trustworthy information requires questions be asked.

Until you ask questions, your information is accidental.” ~ Dr. Mike Murdock

10 Questions to Ask Yourself:

#1 Who am I, and why am I here?

  • What is the purpose I was created for?
  • What contribution am I supposed to leave in my lifetime?

#2 What do I want in 2016?

  • relationships
  • health
  • financial growth
  • career/business shift
  • spiritual growth

#3 What have I accepted as “normal” that is actually unacceptable and self-defeating?

  • unhealthy connections
  • job I’m unhappy in
  • hurtful or abusive relationships
  • toxic environments
  • negativity
  • lack of discipline
  • poverty
  • unhappiness

#4 What am I no longer willing to tolerate?

  • list each thing/person
  • be specific

#5 What actions/changes am I willing to make TODAY?

  • list each one
  • be specific

#6 What relationships do I need in my life that I presently do not have?

  • mentor/coach
  • friends
  • mastermind group

#7 What relationships do I presently have in my life that I need to walk away from?

#8 Do I have clearly articulated goals for 2016?

#9 Do I have a personal development plan for 2016?

#10 At the end of 2016, what has to have happened for me to feel I’ve experienced a breakout year?

Closing Thoughts:

  • You cannot lead someone else somewhere you have not been.
  • Honest, thought-provoking questions foster an awakening of potential and possibility.
  • Refuse the status quo and become the leader God intended you to be!

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Until next time, remember … You were made in His image, designed for a purpose, and are destined for greatness. The world is waiting for the REAL YOU to show up.  God Bless!