10 Reasons You Need To Hire A Coach

Hire Coach

Everyone needs a coach. Every great leader, sports star, CEO, etc. has a coach, helping them grow and become better.

Life, career, executive or business, leadership, success, health and wellness, financial, academic, transition, spiritual – every single one of these areas has coaches specialized in assisting people discover and achieve their goals. There truly is no limit to coaching expertise available to any one of us today.

No matter the area of life or leadership you desire help in, there are 10 reasons you need to hire a coach.

#1: A coach provides objective insights.

When you have people who’ve perhaps known you all your life or work with you every day, many times those individuals cannot be objective in giving you advice, counsel, or input. A coach works closely with you but is not clouded by years of relationship. Coaches come alongside and objectively help you see things you would not otherwise see.

#2: A coach provides accountability, encouragement, and support.

If you do not have accountability in your life as it relates to your goals and dreams, you’re already behind the ball. A coach is an independent resource who follows up with you, ensuring you’re doing what you say you will. They aren’t afraid to ask how you’re doing in alignment with your end goal. There is something in each of us hesitant toward accountability, but we desperately need it. A coach provides real, unbiased accountability, encouragement, and support where needed.

#3: A coach helps you identify purpose and gain clarity on pursuing your life’s work.

Most people lack clarity on who they are and why they are here. Many times with coaching clients, I spend a good bit of time on the front end of our relationship helping them identify who they are and what their purpose is. It isn’t until one has an idea of what that is, they can work on how they apply their purpose to life and pursue their passion.

#4: A coach challenges the status quo and pushes you to become your very best.

I distinctly remember every single coach I ever had. I was a basketball player from the time I was in elementary school. I’ll never forget my first basketball coach, Coach Carter. Coach really pushed us because he knew we could perform at a higher level. He had to challenge our present level of competency and push us to see and realize what we were capable of by applying ourselves.

A coach has incredible ability to congratulate and celebrate you for your accomplishments, and push you to the next step. They work you. They push you physically, emotionally, and mentally so you can move to the next level of your potential.

#5: A coach provides perspective and helps identify your blind spots.

We all have blind spots. We don’t always see from every angle. It helps to have other perspectives, viewpoints, and ideas speaking into each issue as it relates to business, or life. You need to see the full 360, yet usually individual vision is only 180 at best. It’s important to have a coach or mentor in your life giving insight when you’re not seeing everything you need to see. A coach does exactly that!

#6: A coach helps you identify and set meaningful goals aligned with your purpose.

Many times, people set honorable goals, but they may not be aligned with the purpose and clarity in accordance to who they are or why they’re here. There are many great things you can do in life, but are you doing the what matters most, and what’s aligned with your calling? A coach will help you identify and set meaningful, manageable goals that both stretch you and are aligned with your God-given purpose.

#7: A coach can provide ideas and solutions you may not have thought of on your own.

We all need other voices around us sharing perspectives, ideas, solutions, creative ways of thinking, and any number of suggestions because we don’t have enough experience. We, by ourselves, will never have enough knowledge cover all the bases. We may be looking for an answer we don’t have, but a coach might have it readily available in their vault.

#8: A coach helps you identify limiting beliefs and guides you through the process of overcoming them.

I recently shared about overcoming limiting beliefs. A coach has incredible ability for this because they’re looking from the outside in with no restrictions. They’re objective. They can help identify limiting beliefs, isolate those beliefs, reframe those beliefs, and go through the process of replacing those with truth and new life. A coach can help you shift your belief system.

#9: A coach gives you tools to transform the way you live your life.

A coach will train you and provide you with certain tools and systems you can utilize for the rest of your life. You will live your life according to these principles and be better for it! A caveat: None of us should be entirely dependent on a coach. A coach should be training, building, growing, and empowering us to become more, by using the tools they help equip us with.

#10: A coach is a guide and mentor and will tell you the truth even if it hurts.

If you want a coach to tell you everything you want to hear, you really don’t want a coach. A coach will speak the truth and will challenge you to think differently, see differently, and grow, even if what they have to say stings a little. That’s a good coach!

Get the edge in your own life. Hire a personal or a business coach. You cannot afford not to. Hiring a coach is an investment in your potential and in your future.

It’s one thing to have a coach, but if you don’t do what the coach says, you’re not going to see the benefits. If you are diligent, consistent, and if you apply the principles coaches share with you, you will have 10 times return on your investment.

I’m going to leave you with this quote from Bill Gates. “Everyone needs a coach. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a basketball player, a tennis player, a gymnast, or a bridge player. It doesn’t matter. Everyone needs a coach.”

Will you bring someone alongside you who will encourage you to grow, thrive, and be everything God has created you to be?

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