#095: Stuck Or Positioned: An Interview With Gail McWilliams Part 2 [Podcast]


Gail and her husband Tony join me in studio for part 2 of a fantastic interview. Today we answer are you stuck or positioned? The choice is yours! This is powerful follow-up to part 1 of my interview with Gail, which you can find here.

Continuing our conversation, we dig into dealing with the circumstances life throws out you, how to envision yourself where you want to be, and pursuing your dreams. Tune in now, this is one you’ll come back to for sure!

More About Gail:

Gail McWilliams is a published author, seasoned speaker, and hosts her own national radio feature; Seeing Beyond with Gail McWilliams. Gail’s reach is global. Her love is people and her passion is leaders.

Her signature book, Seeing Beyond, with forward by Zig Ziglar has captured hearts around the world leaving them wanting more.

Gail’s NEW BOOK, Stuck or Positioned: It’s Your Choice

is available for purchase here

When it comes to faith in God, Gail McWilliams’ life shines as a beacon in the night. As a seasoned speaker, multi-published author, and national radio host, she has a compelling message with a voice of hope in the darkest hour. Her courageous and gripping story of gradually losing her eyesight while giving birth to her five children is the backdrop to her life message: “Vision sees no limits!” Gail says,

In my darkest hour vision was birthed, and when you have vision,
you can see even in the darkest places of life.

Gail is a resilient visionary who has overcome major obstacles with faith and joy. She captivates audiences by inspiring them to live life on purpose, with purpose. Gail inspires action, delivering a renewed focus of life in Christ Jesus and motivation to live beyond limitations. She is humorous, challenging, and completely unforgettable.

Watch Gail’s Story Here:

You can also find Gail here:

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