The Ties That Bind Overview

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The Ties That Bind is Brian Holmes’ flagship teaching that has transformed the lives of thousands of people throughout the United States and the world.

In 2004, I taught a 6-part seminar at my church on ‘The Ties That Bind – Identifying and Breaking Unhealthy Soul Ties’. Never could I have anticipated the response it would receive, nor was I prepared for the far reaching impact it would have.

Since 2000, my wife and I have been on a journey of personal healing. Through our own brokenness, God has led us on a journey of discovery, understanding, and ultimately freedom. Freedom from the past; freedom from old wounds and hurts; freedom to forgive; and yes, freedom from ‘The Ties That Bind’.

My Story

Healing The Broken Soul

Every person is created by God for a specific purpose, and has a destiny on their life that has been pre-determined by their Father in heaven. We have potential. Unlimited potential. Potential to BE everything that God has said we could be; potential to DO everything He has said we can do. This potential is present in us, yet, so many people are living far beneath it. They are not experiencing the LIFE that God has given; they are not enjoying the fruit of their labor; they are not walking in the prosperity and blessing that is theirs by design.

Why is this?

Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers. ~ 3 John 1:2

My belief is that we are only limited to the degree that our SOUL is broken. While our spirit man may be regenerated (saved), if there are areas in our hearts that are broken, we will be limited. If there are issues that are unreconciled in our emotions or memories, we will succeed to a certain point, but will inevitably miss the mark. The soul must be healed. The soul must be reconciled.

Soul Ties

All of us are linked to others in some way. These connections are formed through friendships, business partnerships, intimate relationships, sexual contact, organizational allegiances, covenants and vows, and many other means. These are called SOUL TIES. They bind us together with the soul other individuals, and our lives are directly affected by these connections until they are severed and broken. While not all soul ties are bad or harmful, we must deal with the unhealthy ones if we are to find success and fulfillment in life.

Unhealthy soul ties cause us to experience and be affected by the will, the mind, the emotions, and the spiritual condition of the person with who we are connected. Every aspect of our lives can be directly impacted:

  • Physical Health
  • Finances and Ability to Prosper
  • Relationships with Others
  • Success, Progress, and Personal Growth
  • Our Business
  • Emotional Well Being
  • Mental Clarity and Focus
  • Sleep Patterns
  • Addictions
  • Sexual Health
  • Intimacy Issues
  • More

‘The Ties That Bind’

In 2007, Brian released the book, ‘The Ties That Bind‘, and soon after the professionally recorded DVD and Audio Curriculum. Since that time, many churches, small groups, and individuals have experienced the power and scope of this program.

Brian also conducts LIVE, 3-day Intensives, where he delivers ‘The Ties That Bind’ personally in a 6 hour seminar/workshop. This training has been presented all over the world, and in every case, people’s lives have been transformed for the good.

This comprehensive teaching is more than another good read or listen, it is a proven PROCESS that, when followed, has led thousands of people all over the world to receive deep personal healing, reconcile the past, disconnect with unhealthy and limiting factors, and walk forward in freedom and confidence.

Topics Include:

  • Man: Spirit, Soul, and Body
  • The Soul of Man
  • What Is A Soul Tie
  • How Soul Ties Are Formed
  • Types of Soul Ties
  • Affects of Soul Ties
  • Identifying Soul Ties
  • Breaking Unhealthy Soul Ties

There Is Hope!

  • I know what it feels like to be at a place where you feel helpless
  • I know what it looks like to be ‘at the end’
  • I know how pain, guilt, and shame can paralyze and prevent you from believing or taking action
  • I know that sometimes, it feels like no one understands or even cares.

No matter where you are in your life at this moment, I want you to know … THERE IS HOPE!

  • Your destiny is still intact
  • The gifts that God has given you have not been revoked
  • The dreams you have are still yours for the asking
  • God still has plans for your life … for prosperity, for wellness, for health and happiness.

Take A Step Forward TODAY!

Make a decision that today you will trust God with your stuff.

Make a decision that even though you’ve been struggling, and even though it is hard, you WILL get up; you WILL trust again; and you WILL receive what your Father is longing to release in your life!

Decide To Break The Ties That Bind!

Right where you are today, you can make a decision to dig deep, submit to the process, and experience the freedom that is already yours. This course can and will change your life forever. It did mine, and has for thousands of others just like you. I encourage you to TAKE ACTION NOW. Give yourself the gift of life. Give yourself the gift of freedom. Don’t settle for ‘LESS THAN’; rather, become ALL that God has created you to be.

There are FOUR ways you can participate in this process. Please click on of the options below.

  2. THE GROUP DVD CURRICULUM  (Group Application Required)