The Art of Living

The Art of Living


Every person born to time has been created by God with a specific purpose and destiny. Moreover, each of us have an assignment, a place where we can realize our potential and the highest level of fulfillment. This seminar/study is designed to help an individual through the systematic process of personal discovery, vision formulation, strategic planning, and divine deployment. The process begins by looking INSIDE, as we have discovered that a person’s success is largely dependent on the condition of their heart and soul. We look at identity, early childhood models, belief systems and paradigms, judgements, unhealthy connections, and so much more. After we’ve looked inward, we begin to look at talents, skills, personality styles, passions, dreams, and values. From these processes, we begin to get a picture of what God has created us to do, and are able to develop a strategic plan for becoming that person, and accomplishing our life’s purpose.


 Presentation Outline.

[one_fourth]Healing the Broken Soul[/one_fourth][three_fourth_last]1. Understanding Your Identity. “We act not in accordance with the as it really is, but rather, we act in accordance with the truth as we believe it to be”. Every one of us has been imprinted with and identity, a name and image. Our circumstances, our upbringing, trauma, people’s opinion of us; these all have had a major impact on how we see ourselves. In this session, we work to identify ungodly beliefs, and find our true identity in accordance with how God sees us. Who are you really? Who has God called you to be? It’s time to discover and unlock your potential.[/three_fourth_last]


[one_fourth]Healing the Broken Soul[/one_fourth][three_fourth_last]2. The Soul – The Key To Prosperity. We experience health and prosperity in every area of our lives to the degree that our soul is healthy and prospering. So many people have immense talent, epic dreams, and the capacity to succeed and make an impact in their world, yet, never see that become a reality. The SOUL of man is that part of us that contains the will, the mind, the emotions, the memories, the beliefs, etc. It is here that we confront old wounds, old hurts, limiting beliefs, soul ties, and other matters that keep us from becoming and experiencing all that is possible.[/three_fourth_last]


[one_fourth]Healing the Broken Soul[/one_fourth][three_fourth_last]3. Limitations and Liabilities. In the financial world, a person’s net worth is calculated by subtracting their liabilities from their assets. What if we were to look at our lives in the same way. We have talent; we have abilities; we have knowledge; and maybe, we even have the personality. These are our assets. If, however, we are carrying unforgiveness, limiting beliefs, judgments, suppositions, attitudes, and detrimental world views,  we will be limited in our ability to make progress and achieve our potential. These ‘liabilities’ must be identified, isolated, and eliminated.[/three_fourth_last]


[one_fourth]Healing the Broken Soul[/one_fourth][three_fourth_last]4. The Battle for the Mind. “As a man THINKS in his heart, so is he.” What you believe to be true will literally govern the course of your life, and create outcomes that may be far less than what God has designed you for. We develop our beliefs from a very young age. How we view money; relationships, work, God, and life. Lou Tice said, “We act in accordance with the truth as we believe it to be”. This means that we will behave like the person we believe ourselves to be. Our decisions will be based on the ‘truth’ as we hold it in our hearts. We must challenge limiting beliefs, and replace them with THE truth as God sees it.[/three_fourth_last]


[one_fourth]Healing the Broken Soul[/one_fourth][three_fourth_last]5. Values and Vision Workshop. Values are those guiding principles and convictions that compel us to act in a certain way. In these sessions, we lead the participant the process of identifying their top 10 governing values. Once we have done this, we create an inventory of skills, talents, abilities, passions, and dreams. We then look for where these key components converge. This is a VISION POINT. Through this process, the participant will write a thorough vision statement for their life which will become the guiding document for their Strategic Life Plan.[/three_fourth_last]


[one_fourth]Healing the Broken Soul[/one_fourth][three_fourth_last]6. Strategic Living: Putting It All Together. The ultimate goal for this workshop is for the participant to come away with a 5-10 year Strategic Plan for their life. In these final sessions, we help construct a step-by-step plan which can be executed immediately. In fact, every person leaves the room with a plan for tomorrow, this week, the next 30, 90, and 120 days. Sometimes a person may need to pursue education in certain ares. Others may need to develop new skill sets. Others may simply need to start a business, or write a book. Whatever the destiny, we want to help the individual live life on purpose and with a plan.[/three_fourth_last]

Target Audience/Possible Formats.

This WORKSHOP is effectively delivered in churches, corporations, and leadership forums. Wherever there are people, there is the potential for healing to take place, lives to be transformed, and leaders to be empowered for greater effectiveness. While this is primarily presented as a workshop, we also have a 1.5 hour KEYNOTE presentation that is designed to introduce the concept, and motivate each person to become all God has created them to be. In the workshop environment, we dive a little deeper into the content, and allow for more process oriented engagement. A keynote would be between 45-60 minutes. The full workshop is one evening session (2 hours), and a full day (6-7 hours).

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