The Secret Seeds Of Life

Contained within a single, tiny seed is infinite potential. One seed planted in the ground produces one tree, but one tree produces fruit every season. Within each piece of fruit are multiple seeds. This is exponential multiplication!

Where we choose to plant our seed is going to bring us a harvest, whether we like it or not. The principle is very simple. If you sow generosity, you will reap generosity. If you sow time into something, someone at some point is going to sow time back into you.

The seed is a powerful thing and can explode your success, take you years forward, and set you up for a harvest for years to come. Let’s talk about the different kinds of seeds.

The Seed of Love

While love can be sweet, it is a component which fundamentally changes an environment it’s introduced to. When there is absolute chaos, turmoil, hatred, strife, bickering, all kinds of warring going on, if that arena or environment is infused with genuine, real love, that love can change everything.

Jesus was the greatest expression of love and the Bible tells us that God is love. The essence of love is contained in the goodness of the Creator. We are to be people who love our fellow man, love our brothers and our sisters regardless of race, creed, color, background, political bent, etc. Love changes everything.

Love can take someone’s failure, shortcoming, inability to perform at a certain level, and fundamentally make it okay. Love is bigger than the problem you’ve created.

Love is the kind of seed that can change our world. When you look around today, if you watch the news at all, there is not a newscast that goes across the airwaves that doesn’t portray things based in hatred, bitterness, envy and jealousy and all kinds of things. The world needs leaders who are willing to step above all of the nonsense and be agents of expressing God’s love in the earth. Love will change everything.

The Seed of Time

There are 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week, anywhere from 28 to 31 days in a month, and 365 days in a year. We have been given time definite and space in which to live our lives and we have to choose how we invest or spend that time.

Time is a seed you can sow. One’s seed is a multiplier because contained within one seed is a tree, and that tree produces multiple pieces of fruit each season. Contained within each piece of fruit are multiple seeds that can produce more trees.

I understand we’re all busy. I’m too busy. I am reminded often by those who care about me I need to take time for myself. By the way, a good place to sow time is in yourself, your health, your mind, your heart, some rest and relaxation, or getting away.

We are so driven by performance, we’re so driven by schedules, we’re so driven by the expectations of other people that we are not sowing seeds of time.

By not sowing seeds we are guaranteeing in the future we will not reap a harvest on seeds sown. When I need time later, I may not have it. Because I’ve not sown ahead I can’t get to what would be a harvesting season in my life and expect that I’m going to receive time multiplications given back to me.

Time is a seed, and you must choose and discipline yourself to sow seeds of time into those your love, into things you care about, into interests you have, into the business you own.

The Seed of Generosity

All seeds are given or sown from a spirit, mindset, or attitude of generosity but, I want to talk about generosity in the context of charitable giving.

Every seed sown brings about great benefit, whether we see it or not. When you sow money into an organization or into a ministry, when you sow of your resources into someone else’s future, you are guaranteeing your own success. You’re not doing it for that reason or out of that motivation. By loving someone else out of your own resource you are sowing a seed of generosity that carries tremendous potential for them and for you.

In the end, the seeds we sow are not about the amount. They are about our willingness to sacrifice from our own resource so someone else might be blessed.

The Seed of Kindness

Oh, that we would begin to move towards a place in our world where we can have kindness being expressed audibly, verbally, vocally, articulately between political parties, husbands and wives, children and their parents, and teachers and students. Even something as simple as a word of affirmation, a word of kindness.

As insignificant as you think it may be, a word or gesture of kindness can change a person’s life in a day. You don’t know what that person’s going through. You don’t know the struggle or pain they may be dealing with. A kind gesture or a word of kindness could give them hope for a better day.

Live your life every day looking for opportunities to sow seeds of kindness to other people. That will guarantee your own harvest of kindness in your life.

The Seed of Honor

Our culture is riddled with dishonor. When we honor those to whom honor is due we’re sowing seeds for generations to come, not just our own.

Honor is something we give whether deserved or not. We should show honor at all times.

You can sow a seed of honor by simply speaking with honor about someone. Sowing a seed of honor is showing genuine, authentic respect and honor for the person God created. Are they perfect? No. Do they have it all together? No. We honor them anyway.

You can do something to impress someone but not honor them. You can do something to perform for someone but in your heart not honor them. Honor is a matter of the heart.

Give honor to whom honor is due not only in your finances, not only by way of gifts, but with your words, with your commendations, with your love, and with your appreciation and gratitude.

The Seed of Mentoring

Mentoring is where an adult and experienced individual, takes from their vault of their wealth of experience, knowledge, and capacity, and pour that into someone else who has not yet come quite as far.

Mentoring involves time, energy, emotion, and it might even involve your financial resources.

It is this law of reciprocity. When I sow into someone else, someone else is destined to sow into me. When I reach a place in my life where I need to go higher, where I need to learn more or grow, if I hit a ceiling and in order from me to go from this level to the next level it’s going to require a new mentor in my life, I know that I can sow the seed of mentoring. I can pour into someone else’s life what I have. That unlocks, if you will, the capacity for God to send someone else into my life that I need.

There is someone in your life who needs what you have. Take time to sow a seed of mentoring into someone else’s life.

The Seed of Friendship

The Bible tells us a real friend sticks closer than a brother. A real friend doesn’t bolt whenever someone is in trouble or is going through a difficult time. A real friend is not concerned about what’s in it for them. True friendship is based on a healthy and godly exchange of life.

There have been times in my life where I’ve been at my lowest point. There were a couple of people I could trust, and could go to with some of the deepest, darkest things in my life, and know that they weren’t going to judge me. They weren’t going to abandon me in my moment of pain. Those people stood with me, encouraged me, loved me through that process. Our friendship only grew from that.

That’s the kind of friend you want to be. That’s the kind of seed you want to sow. Don’t be a fly-by-night friend. The seed of friendship requires sacrifice. The seed of friendship requires your willingness to put yourself out there and allow someone else to receive benefit from you even if there is nothing coming in return. The seed of friendship is powerful.

Every friendship will be tested. It’s in those moments of testing, however, that you have the opportunity to pass the test, and that relationship catapults to the next level.