A New Lease On An Old Dream

Recently we had a big move, transitioning out of an office I’ve worked from for many years, to a new – yet old – office. Previously, I drove several miles from home to work in a building I shared with several other people and businesses. Don’t get me wrong – that office led to incredible relationships with incredible people and served me very well the time I was there.

It was time, however, for a change. It was time to up the ante. At just the right time, I was introduced to the owner of my new building, and now am in a beautiful, rustic office. I am so grateful for this new office for so many reasons, including it’s close proximity to my home and family, my relationship with the landlord who owns it, and especially his story of how the building came to be.

I wanted to share the history of my new home-away-from-home with you all today, and hope you can apply some valuable life-lessons from its history, as well as its current purpose.

Wondering how on earth you could learn a life-lesson from an office building? Listen in and I promise you, it will be a story well worth hearing.