When Life Revolves Around Relationship


Last week I shared about the time in life when we, as students, are desperate for a teacher. Tagging along after that, I want to unpack the importance of relationships, and even the importance of a single, strategic relationship.

Everything in life happens because of relationship. We were all created to relate to and with other people. We’re not supposed to be doing this thing called “life” all by ourselves. Every door that will ever open for you, every opportunity that will ever come to you, every promotion you’ll ever receive, every engagement or gig you’ll ever get in your work, if you take a good, hard genuine look, you’ll find all of those doors and opportunities opened because of a certain relationship.

Life is lived on levels and experienced in stages as we all know, and as I mention often. Every stage has certain circumstances or experiences we have to learn and grow from. I have found in my own experience when I’m ready to go from one level to another level, that transition from level to level is almost always preceded by the introduction of a new relationship in my life. That relationship, sent to me by God, was designed to lead me and provide me resources, understanding, wisdom, access to things I didn’t have on the previous level.

We know God is a God of vision. “Without vision, the people perish.” You’ve got to have a vision for your life. God is also the God of provision, meaning if He has something designed for you, He’s going to send the right people into your life to open up and to give you access to the things you need to successfully achieve and steward your new level.

I heard a mentor of mine say years ago you only need two things in life to be incredibly successful. You need relationships, and you need resources. He said if you ever have to choose between the two – and you probably will – choose relationships because relationships are what actually open up resources to you.

Awhile back I was invited to a significant organization as a featured speaker. I have certain topics I love to speak on, and someone got word or read my book, and word got around. There was somebody who I knew who knew somebody who knew somebody, but it was the someone I knew who opened the door for me. The relationship I have opened the door for me to a world I may have never entered into had it not been for the relationship.

A relationship I have introduced me to someone I of course did not know previously, and we spoke back and forth for a while. This newer relationship is now doing work for me that’s going to take my business to a new level, as they have the competencies, the skills, and a beautiful heart to do this kind of work. The point

The point is: don’t underestimate the value of one relationship. You are one relationship away, right now, from a new level in your life. I would advise you to ask God, “Who are you preparing to come into my life? Whose life can I speak in to? What relationships do I need?”

Also, be certain to be intentional and make room for those new relationships. If you’re busy with a social life, hanging out with buds and friends and people who are probably static and not going anywhere, not advancing, if all of your time and energy is consumed with relationships which are not moving you forward, consequently you don’t have space for a new relationship.

Be sure to make room for the new relationship, and therefore, opportunity God wants to bring into your life. Relationships really do matter. Don’t underestimate the value of even one relationship.