The Delicate Art Of Soul Searching


Have you ever thought about the soul of man? What exactly is your soul, how does it work, and how does it relate to your body and spirit?

The soul is the compartment of the human existence which contains the mind, the will, the emotions, the memories, the thoughts, the beliefs, and all of the feelings. All of those traits are held in a place called the soul.

Not to be confused with the spirit, the spirit of man is the part of us which is directly connected to God. It is a completely different aspect or entity from the soul. When we die, our spirit lives on. The soul is really where the juice is. The soul is where life is born out of, and we inherently function out of all of the components making up the soul.

What happens when the soul of a human being is broken or is deeply wounded? As we’ve discussed, humanity has a spirit, soul, and body. Imagine a vertical channel here of the three: spirit, soul, and body.

The spirit is directly connected to God, the soul is where we process all information, process all beliefs, decide whether or not to do something, decide to pursue or not pursue certain opportunities, and so on. Also, we have our flesh or our body. It’s not just our physical body as far as health. It’s what can we produce in the natural that’s tangible. Still with me?

When your soul is sick, the results are also going to be unhealthy. When your soul is broken or wounded, you’re not going to produce at the full capacity you have the potential to produce from. What do we do about a wounded soul? How can we fix it?

We begin by exploring from an honest and transparent place to discover what it is that could have caused our soul to be wounded.

Let me just backtrack here a minute. Most of us have been taught from the time we were very little children: If you skin your knee, suck it up. Don’t cry. It’s going to be okay. If somebody hurts our feelings, you’re going to have your feelings hurt all your life. Deal with it. We have these little nuances we’ve been taught. Our parents certainly didn’t mean wrong by it or mean harm by it, but our ingrained belief system tells us life is just life. Got to deal with it. It is what it is. It’s not going to get better. Just be content.

When you’re wounded, when you experience trauma, when you experience loss, when someone hurts your heart, when you have been rejected, when you have been betrayed, when you have been lied to, cheated on, when you’ve been abused, any major event that is traumatic to the soul directly impacts how we perceive life, how we handle people, and how we handle future circumstances.

Therefore, if anything has ever transpired in your life which resulted in wounding you, you’re most likely functioning today at a lower capacity than what you’re capable of.

I want to encourage you and give you hope right now. There is healing for the broken soul. There is healing for the wounded soul. It is, in fact, one of the key areas we must deal with if we’re going to move on to maximum performance, maximum success, and optimum functionality.

Don’t be full of pride, and don’t be full of shame, two extremes but both with the same result. Submit your heart to the process of personal healing. Submit your heart to the exploration of what has wounded you. Where did it go off track?

As you open your heart and mind to this critical process of personal healing, God will be faithful to meet you there. You will discover, you will experience healing, and you will emerge from the status quo and be able to accomplish things you never dreamed possible.