5 Steps To Your Greatest Life

I don’t have a magic potion or a secret equation you can utilize to get you to the point in life you want to be. I do have experience and expertise, however, and it’s from my own lessons and struggles I’m sharing this with you today.

If you want to advance to the next level of your life, your business, your influence, etc. there are five key principles you need to employ today.

The 7 Money And Mindset Myths

Mindset and money are corresponding issues. If you are struggling in the area of finance, then you are struggling in most every other area of your life.

Your mindset, mental attitude, and overall belief about money has a direct bearing on your ability to create wealth for you and for your family and for the work God has called you to.

It’s very hard to lead from behind. A major piece in our reframing our expectations equates to leadership, influence, and peace of mind.

I want to share with you seven myths about money we must bust, overturn, and replace.

A Simplistic Yet Profound Approach To Getting M.O.R.E.


Growth is a quality and activity necessary for life. Living things grow. Growing things change. Growth equates to more productivity, more creativity, more life. “More” is an acronym here to observe concepts essential for us to prepare our hearts and frame our future on the basis of possibility.

We all have challenges and struggles. How you see your future is exactly what you can receive from it. In spite of circumstance, conditions, attitudes, the temperature of the social and cultural climate all around, you can frame your future on a foundation based in faith, possibility, and opportunity.

M.O.R.E. is about increase or multiplication. It’s about your business being more influential and having a broader market share. It’s about your ministry impacting the lives of more people. It’s about what you are created to do.

The Delicate Art Of Soul Searching


Have you ever thought about the soul of man? What exactly is your soul, how does it work, and how does it relate to your body and spirit?

The soul is the compartment of the human existence which contains the mind, the will, the emotions, the memories, the thoughts, the beliefs, and all of the feelings. All of those traits are held in a place called the soul.

Not to be confused with the spirit, the spirit of man is the part of us which is directly connected to God. It is a completely different aspect or entity from the soul. When we die, our spirit lives on. The soul is really where the juice is. The soul is where life is born out of, and we inherently function out of all of the components making up the soul.

Your Identity Ideology

Who do you think you are?

No, really, who are you? I’m not talking about your name or the family you come from. What I’m asking is more of a heart level question.

Who do you believe yourself to be? What identification have you taken ownership of and established yourself as? How does your identity affect the way you live your life and relate to other people?

How To Schedule Your Success

My schedule is my best friend and my biggest adversary.

There have been several times over the course of my week, I start off knowing the many things I need to do, the appointments I need to keep, the errands I need to run, etc. My mind knows all of it, but it doesn’t always keep track of it for me. There have been times I have completely forgotten about something, simply because it wasn’t written on my calendar.

This goes beyond forgetting, also. There are times I know something needs to get done, but I don’t make time for it. I know I need to dedicate time to writing, but I don’t block off time on my calendar for it, and I fill that available time with other activities.


This brings to mind a simple, yet profound practice: making my calendar work FOR me.

The Seemingly Elusive Leadership Fruit

leadership fruit harvest

If you’ve known me for any length of time, I hope it’s clear I’m passionate about leadership development and leadership growth. I’m always talking about how we can apply ourselves and enlarge our capacity to do and be our absolute best. There is always so much to learn and so many ways to advance our cause and our impact.

As leaders, our focus tends to be on what we need to do to grow ourselves, so we can grow our influence. I want to take a slight detour from that for one moment and talk about something I think is important for you to remember: your lasting ripple effect. What you do in your leadership journey impacts the lives and affects the hearts of others for generations to come.

Even, and especially, when we may not realize it.