7 Ways To Just Say No To The Status Quo

Go All In!

status quo

It’s a buzzword! It’s a real problem! It’s…..well, what is the status quo? Status quo is more of the same. If you went back to the beginning of the year and evaluated your life, your finances, your career, your marriage, relationships with your children, your spiritual life, your physical health, etc., can you say you are now further ahead in those areas?

Or would you say you’ve plateaued, it’s more of the same, and, for some reason, you fell back into a status quo mindset, status quo activities, and now you’re kind of stuck there?

Your New Beginning Starts Now

It's Not Too Late To Start Fresh

season new beginning

Right now, we’re staring in the face of the oncoming fall. Perhaps school is about to start or has already started where you are. A new season is beginning which gives us all an opportunity for a new beginning.

Often times new beginnings are exciting, though sometimes they can be intimidating or overwhelming. I want to offer a challenge and also invite you to do a process with me. Winding down toward the final quarter of the year, 2017 is drawing to a close. You and I are looking at another year ending sooner than we might be ready for.

Does Your Life Meet Your Expectations?

The Importance Of Setting The Bar


I want you to humor me for a minute and do a brief exercise with me. When you think about what you want out of life, what you hope to accomplish, and the kinds of achievements you want to be proud of or remembered for, what comes to mind? Additionally, when those thoughts, dreams, or ideas come to mind, do you set expectations to achieve them, or do you somehow talk yourself out of them being possible, and make adjustments down toward something “more realistic”?

The Importance Of Dreaming Big

dreaming big

How many times have you dreamed about starting fresh? Perhaps you’ve talked yourself out of your new beginning or pursuing your dreams because what you’re doing today is “safe”. Comfortable. Predictable.

Today I want to encourage you to dust off your dream. Many of us in this most recent year have experienced a barrage of negative inputs. In recent months, you could not turn on the news in our country, or even around the world, without being bombarded with negative news, political wrangling, senseless attacks, etc. It has been a difficult season.

Constructing a Solid Foundation For Epic Success


Foundations are essential to any great building project. If you’re going to build anything substantial to stand the test of time, it must be built on a properly engineered foundation. As we transition from one level to the next, I want to help you lay a solid foundation on which to build your preferred future (the future God has already determined is yours for the taking).

Stop The Excuses, Start Your Success

Whether you’re a small business owner, an entrepreneur, a director of a non-profit, pastor, community leader, or a stay-at-home mom, you are in business and you are created and called by God to make a difference.

Let’s establish you are in business. Whatever you’re endeavoring to build, grow, lead, influence, that makes it your business. Jesus gives us an awesome example from His young life where He said, “I have to get busy doing my Father’s business.” Whatever the business is, it’s time for you to engage the business you were sent here to do.

The Most Critical Step In Achieving Your Dreams

Taking Action: Personal Deployment

deploy deployment

With yesterday being the birthday of our great country, it brought to mind the freedoms we have the privilege of pursuing in our day to day lives. The pursuit, however, will only stay as such if we don’t exercise a crucial element of action: personal deployment.

I’m so proud to meet folks who serve in the military. Since I travel so frequently, I meander through many airports, and nearly every time I’m at the airport I see our servicemen and women boarding airplanes, flying somewhere, going off to do what it is they do. It really does make me proud of our country. It especially makes me proud of those young men and young women.