6 Principles for Getting The Results You Want

You’ve heard it said principles will work for you if you apply them, and these are certainly no exception. They may be a little unorthodox, or different from what you’v heard before, but these principles will work on an entirely different level for you. If you apply them, that is.

Want results? Want a roadmap for your next step? It just so happens these principles will provide that – IF – you apply them.

1. Principle of Priorities

Priorities are simply items deemed more important than something else. Not everything carries the same weight.

You have 24 hours in the day. When we talk about time management, we have to talk about priorities. If you utilize an hour of your life doing something other than a high-priority item, you’re not going to get that hour back, nor will you receive a high-priority return on your investment.

Identify how you spend your time, where you spend your money, who you spend your time with, and where you spend your emotional energy. If you take an inventory of those areas, you’ll find where your priorities are presently. Are those priorities bringing the results you desire to have?

2. Principle of the Seed

The principle of the seed is simply this: That which a man sows, that shall he also reap.

I know if you come from a Christian background, you’ve heard that scripture utilized many times in the context of financial giving. However, the principle of the seed is much more than money. Time I spend pouring into someone’s life without any compensation involved – they’re not paying me, I’m not expecting anything in return from them – every time I’ve ever done that in my life, it’s a seed I’ve sown.

I may never see that seed come back in the form of a harvest from that person but God will not be made a liar. If you sow a kind word, a moment of encouragement, financial help to someone in need, spend time with the elderly, spend time with a child who’s not your own but you want to pour into their life, those are seeds sown. God knows. He has it in His books and a seed sown is guaranteed to reap a harvest in your life.

3. Principle of Discipline

Discipline is a factor in our life that if we don’t have it, we’re sure to wind up in a place we don’t want to.

I’ve always struggled with my weight as an adult. For me, it is nothing more than a lack of discipline. It’s late night bowls of ice cream, extra bowls of cereal, snacks nobody knows I’m eating, not eating healthy at a restaurant, eating something that sounds good versus what is good for me.

The principle of discipline is simply this: Do the hard things today so you can do things a few years from now few others will get to do.  If you discipline yourself to do things today you don’t really enjoy, you will reach a place in your life a few years from now where you’re able to do things most people your age or season of life are not able to enjoy.

Discipline is a factor in everything we do: in study, learning, relationships, marriage, spending time with your kids… everything!

4. Principle of Hard Work

If you think good things are going to come to you because you’re a nice person – and nothing more – pay attention. Good things come to those who work hard.

God will bless the work of our hands. He will put blessing and favor and supernatural grace on our work. Imagine if we would simply have a mindset to work hard. What we produce is proportionate to our work. The results of our life are proportionate to whether or not we’re diligent doing the things necessary to move forward.

Good things come to people who are willing to work hard and put life into their dreams, goals, desires, and the things they believe God has called them to. Be diligent, structure your time and emotional energy, but work hard at the things you believe God has called you to achieve. You’ll find great results come because of it.

5. Principle of Personal Growth

One of my favorite quotes is, “Living things grow and growing things change.” A plant, a person, an animal, anything alive is growing and growth necessitates change. You can’t grow without looking different. A metamorphosis takes place as it relates to growth.

People tend not to be conscious of the need for personal growth so they go about life and whatever happens, happens. Whatever comes to them comes to them. If they get a promotion… wonderful. If they get a raise… wonderful. If they develop a new relationship… great deal.

Intentional effort to grow academically, emotionally, spiritually, leads to limitless potential. Are you applying yourself by reading books, taking online courses, listening to podcasts, going to school, or developing yourself spiritually? Are you investing time, energy, and money into growing you so your impact is greater, your influence is greater, and you can make a greater mark in life?

Make personal growth a priority in your life. What are you doing right now to grow your worth, value, influence, and impact? What are you doing to grow your mind, your spirit? What are you doing to grow your health, strength, vitality, and relationships? Is personal growth valuable to you?

6. Principle of Prosperity

When you hear “prosperity,” do you only think of money? Do you think of riches, wealth, avarice, and greed? Depending on your upbringing, the word “prosperity” may conjure up images of something you don’t want to be. There’s nothing wrong with being prosperous, and prosperity is not just about bank account balances or things you possess and have.

Prosperity covers every area of life. Relationships, marriage, family, finances, health, mind are all components of a prosperous life. We are designed and destined to prosper in our relationships, marriage, with our kids, with money, with assets.

The apostle Paul said, “I would that you would prosper and be in good health in every single area of your life, even as your soul prospers.” I believe God’s will for your life is to prosper in every area. The principle of prosperity is not just for the rich and famous. Prosperity is for anyone with the capacity to believe God says you can have in every area of your life.