5 Mysteries of Expectations Revealed

When Good Intentions Aren't Good Enough

Setting goals or expectations is of paramount importance if one is going to succeed and make a difference in this world. However, goals or targets we set are oftentimes misaligned. They might be irrelevant to where we need to be going in life or they may be completely disconnected from a person’s true desires.

If a person expects they’ll struggle in some area of their life, they will. So profound, isn’t it? If you expect your sales to drop, if you expect your business’ bottom line to be affected negatively, it will. What you expect is so important.

Why? Because what you see is what you get. What you set your expectations on is what tends to show up in your life. What you set your mind on is where you point your life. Where you point your life, you’re going to wind up at the destination you determined when you started the journey.

Knowing this, we have to set our expectations in a different place. What we did before is not good enough. The next level requires more.

I want to give you five factors to determine how you set your expectations.


As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. What you hold to be true is how you’re going to behave and how you’re going to make decisions and key strategic moves. The core, rooted beliefs you hold, (about relationships, people, marriage, women, money, opportunity, God, etc.) are going to set your expectations.

If you need your expectations to go to the next level, belief is the first factor you need to examine to see what beliefs are holding you back, keeping you from taking and setting your expectations higher than you have in the past.


The second factor affecting your expectations is the information you take in and allow to inseminate your mind, heart and psyche.

Information we expose ourselves to can be dangerously intoxicating. Being toxic is a condition that will ultimately kill you if you allow the wrong stuff in your system to a large enough degree. We are constantly being bombarded when it comes to information.

You must put up filters. You must choose the voices you open your mind, spirit, and heart to. What you allow in is going to intoxicate you. You can either be intoxicated with positive, hopeful, faith-filled, forward-thinking thoughts, or you can believe all the crap being blown at you by everybody out there who wants you to think life is over, everything is terrible, and you can’t do anything about it.

The information you take determines how you set your expectations concerning tomorrow, next month, next year, and the next 10 years.


The third factor impacting your expectations is the people in your life. As you take your life and leadership to the next level, not everybody currently hanging out in your world is qualified to continue with you. Some people are not willing to adjust, change, or shift their own beliefs. They say they want you to succeed, but in order to relate to you on this new level they’re going to have to make some adjustments, and not everybody is willing to do that. You have to be willing to leave them behind if necessary.

Find people who will build you up. Find people who will hold you accountable. If you don’t have a mastermind group  you are a part of with people speaking into your life, challenging you to go higher, and holding you accountable, you need those kinds of people who will love you to life.


I don’t understand why we can’t get this through our thick heads, but there is such a thing as self-fulfilling prophecy. You have creative power. What you say moves things in the atmosphere. Your words, the things you say about yourself, about others, about life, about possibilities, the words you speak set things in motion. The words you speak are a major factor in how your expectations unfold for you.

Listen to what you’re saying. The Bible instructs us to capture and take captive thoughts and words. We have to bridle our tongue. By the same token, what you say can create opportunities and allow doors to open. Be aware of the words you speak.


The fifth factor that shapes your expectations is your level of faith. I use the word “level” here not for the sake of comparison, but to ask where is your trust in God? Do you have faith and confidence what God has said about your life, about money, provisions, your family, your marriage, your business? Do you believe what He says is absolute and everything else is a lesser truth at best?

There is an invisible world wherein all of the possibilities, the promises, the good things available to you, have already been granted to you. They’re yours. They have your name on them. They’re designated and set apart for you. The only thing causing those to come into our reality is to exercise belief and faith in the invisible. By doing so, the invisible becomes visible. The faith you have is a critical factor in whether or not you are setting your expectations on things outside of your normal scope.

The best time to evaluate each of these is right now. Set some time aside so you can foster a higher level of expectation. Your ability to expect more is directly determined by the five factors mentioned above. If you want to shift your life and catapult your leadership and influence to a different level, setting your expectations at a much higher level is imperative.