#169: The Foundation of Personal Healing



Last week, we introduced a new format for our podcast, taking a more systematic approach in our objective to develop leaders. We shifted to a series-based training format, and I’m still so excited and know it will be of great benefit to you.

We started with an introduction to the four cornerstones for strategic living. Today, we’re going to discuss the first cornerstone in this development philosophy: Personal Healing.

The Gist:

If we’re going to have success, it will be because we lived life strategically: on purpose, with intentionality. We cannot do that without first addressing any unresolved issues or areas in our lives that need to experience healing.

What About You?

  • Have you avoided reconciling issues, relationships, or circumstances that once caused you pain?
  • Are you willing to admit these unresolved points in life may be hindering your potential?

Possible Areas of Brokenness:

  • Abandonment
  • Divorce (Parents or self)
  • Rejection
  • Sexual/emotional/spiritual/verbal abuse
  • Catastrophic failure
  • Absence of a father-figure
  • Lack of affirmation or personal value nurturing
  • Too much too soon
  • Poor models of intimacy in relationship
  • Betrayal
  • Limiting beliefs

7 Steps to Personal Healing:

  • Acknowledge
    • You cannot change what you’re not willing to acknowledge. ~ Phil McGraw
  • Confess it
    • Bring it into the light and render it powerless to continue to affect you.
  • Resolve
    • Give yourself permission to face it.
  • Forgive and release
    • Most pain we experience in life is a result of someone else imposing that pain on us.
  • Pray
    • Ask God to meet you in the moment.
  • Receive
    • You have to be open to receive healing.
  • Live the life you were created to.
    • Live free

Closing Thoughts:

  • What is it in YOUR heart hat needs to be healed and reconciled?
  • Is there unresolved hurt or pain that your have avoided or refused to address?
  • Are there things you would rather not think about or deal with?

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