#149: Rainy Day Wisdom [Podcast]

7 Things To Remember When Going Through A Personal Storm


Personal Storm

For certain in life, we’re going to have rainy days. Days when things don’t go the way we thought they would. There will be days or entire seasons even, filled with trials, difficulty, challenges….STUFF!

There will be moments where it seems as though everything is in flux and nothing in life is certain. What do you do when the overwhelming “funk” settles over you?

How do you handle it when the National Weather Service of LIFE interrupts your regularly scheduled programming to notify you a severe storm is right on top of you?

On today’s program, we’re unpacking some Rainy Day Wisdom: 7 Things To Remember When Going Through A Personal Storm.

The Gist:

Recently, Sam Chand shared with us:

  • Growth = Change
  • Change = Loss
  • Loss = Pain, therefore
  • Growth = Pain

All of us experience storms in our lives. There will be times when not everything is going well. There will be times when you feel you have little direction, little motivation, and no traction. You may even experience a tragedy or life may deal a blow that sends you into a whirlwind of challenges.


These seasons are just that. Seasons. They come and they go, they begin and they end. These seasons come to us with purpose and opportunity. They provide us with context and urgency which allow us to see where we are, what may be holding us back, and growth areas we can focus on.

Storms will come. When you are faced with yours, here’s how you can find your way through to the other side.

7 Things To Remember When Going Through A Personal Storm:

1. Never make major decisions while in the storm.

  • Wait for the storm to clear. Assess your condition, make a plan, and thoughtfully move forward when it’s safe to do so.

2. Seek counsel (but remember, not all counsel is created equal).

  • Surround yourself with wise people who can pour into your life or situation. Be mindful of the wisdom they’re sharing and make sure it is sound, and someone isn’t simply trying to be a hero and give you poor advice.

3. Remember who you are.

  • Recall the promises, dreams, and goals you have on the inside. Discipline your mind to remember! Write it down if you have to.

4. Do what you know to do.

  • But be careful not to take on new projects unless you are sure they are right for you right now.

5. Feed your mind with positive input.

  • This could be in the form of sermons, books, podcasts, scripture, motivations, etc. Whatever works for you, DO IT! Find a way to take in positive, faith-building material.

6. It’s OK to be alone. It’s not OK to be isolated.

  • Being alone is not always a bad thing, but when that turns into cutting off key relationships, not asking for counsel and advice, isolation and idle time, it can become a HUGE problem.

7. Spend time with the Father.

  • He is faithful and He is working for your benefit. Whatever you’re going through today, He is your most faithful friend.

Closing Thoughts:

  • You will go through storms and difficult seasons.
  • Remember these 7 things to make sure you get through storm standing up.

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