#147: Being Different Is Underrated [Podcast]

Why Embracing Your Uniqueness Is The Key To Leadership Influence


Being Different

Fitting in, being accepted, understood, going along to get along, political correctness – the list goes on and on! These are presented to us every day from so many angles and viewpoints.

We’re constantly comparing ourselves to everyone else and measuring how unique we are based on the level of sameness we have with everyone else. It’s a disease!

Whatever happened to being who God made you to be? I want to challenge you today and propose Being Different is Underrated! Embracing your uniqueness is one of the essential keys to leadership influence. Let’s explore this together, shall we?

The Gist:

From an early age we’re under subtle pressure to conform, fit in, and to be “normal”. What is “normal”, anyway?

Interestingly enough, the reason we like to see ourselves share similarities with others is because it gives us a true sense of belonging. The challenge lies in the sense that “sameness” becomes one of our greatest enemies.

Believe it or not, our differences are what make us valuable to one another! How can one make a difference if all they have to offer is the exact same stuff everyone else is already offering?


Closing Thoughts:

  • Why are we compelled to pursue acceptance from others?
  • Why are other people’s opinions of us more important than finding our lane and running confidently in it?
  • Why are we hesitant to ever stand alone?
  • Don’t say yes if the best answer is no.

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