#135: An Interview With Dr. Michael Hudson [Podcast]


Michael Hudson Interview

I love sharing interviews with people who can speak life into your leadership growth and personal and professional pursuits. Dr. Hudson is a dear friend of mine, a great resource, and has been a voice in my life over the last year as we’ve been in a mastermind group together.

He’s a teacher, speaker, writer, facilitator, corporate trainer, coach, and ideapreneur. I’m so excited to present this episode of our podcast to you, as it’s chock full of valuable principles and  pro-tips from Dr. Michael Hudson.

Do yourself a favor: listen to this episode and plug into these resources today. Without further ado, here’s my Interview With Dr. Michael Hudson.

More About Dr. Michael Hudson:

Dr. Michael Hudson helps people discover their vision, write their story, and speak their vision into existence using his provenVisionSpeaker™ System .

Visit 52SpeakerSecrets.com to download your free copy of Michael’s ebook filled with practical insights you can use to increase your impact every time you speak.

You can also find more about him on his webpage:



Dr. Michael Hudson’s 3D Presentation Course (Coming in April)

There are three dimensions to a successful speech or presentation and your impact can be compromised if you skip any of them! The course will teach you how to master each level so your next presentation will create the impact it was intended to!

  • Design
  • Development
  • Delivery

The VisionSpeaker System

Developed from Dr. Hudson’s own entrepreneurial experience and work with over 3,000 growing businesses, agencies, and nonprofits. What makes one stand out from another boils down to this: the great ones know where they are going, constantly communicate it, and make tough decisions about what they will do, and more importantly, what they won’t do.

Your Free ebook!

Over the past 31 years, Michael has delivered over 8,000 presentations to audiences ranging from entrepreneurs to corporate CEOs, from small business owners to independent professionals, from government leaders to service clubs, and from college students to 4H youth. Along the way he learned a number of lessons and defined a process that helps him engage with his audience and avoid many of the pitfalls that prevent good speakers from becoming great speakers. He assembled these in an ebook you can download for FREE! Get it here.

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