#112: Developing a Heart of Giving [Podcast]

10 Ways You Can Serve Others and Make A Difference



We live in a very self-centered and selfish culture. Very few people are as concerned about others as they are about themselves. I know we can only give what we have, and therefore we must take care to be healthy, prosperous, and well put together. However, nowadays it seems we’ve all but forgotten what it means to live our lives in the service of others.

On this episode, I want to talk about Developing a Heart of Giving: 10 Ways You Can Serve Others and Make A Difference.

1. Slow Down & Pay Attention

  • There are needs all around you every day.
  • There are people who simply need a smile, a hello, a warm hug, or a helping hand.
  • Take a deep breath, slow down, and develop a discipline of awareness.

2. Extend a Kind Gesture

  • Open the door for someone.
  • Help someone with their luggage as they board a plane.
  • Pat someone on the back.
  • Tell someone to have a wonderful day.
  • Say, “Thank you!”

3. Share a Compliment or Word of Affirmation

  • Tell the store clerk what a great job they’re doing.
  • Better yet, ask them to call their manager over, and compliment them in front of their manager.
  • Tell your employees when they do good.

4. Buy Someone’s Meal, Coffee, or Even Their Groceries

5. Clean House & Give All the STUFF You Don’t Need or Wear to the Salvation Army or Other Agency

  • Every one of us has 10 times what we need in our closet.
  • Coats, pants, shirts, blouses, dresses, shoes.
  • There are many legitimate and worthy charities that take our unnecessary belongings and help others with them.

6. Give Money to Someone In Need

7. Sponsor a Family For The Holidays

  • We really don’t NEED anything, so why not:
  • Buy groceries and gifts for a family who is less fortunate than yours.
  • Make this a tradition and do for someone else BEFORE you do for your own.

8. Act of Service

  • Serving the homeless
  • Ministering to and helping pregnant teens
  • Visiting the elderly and shut-in
  • Sending gifts to our servicemen and servicewomen
  • Volunteering for charities and agencies

9. Just Being There For Friends In Need

  • Taking time to visit and listen
  • Sacrificing your social time for valuable relationships
  • Re-arranging your life to be available for others

10. Be Purposeful & Intentional About Developing YOUR Attitude of Giving

  • Ask . . . . How can I serve someone today?
  • Look . . . For opportunities to do good.
  • Listen . . For moments to speak an encouraging word.
  • Lead . . . By doing what others are not willing to do.

Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • How can you be intentional about developing a heart of giving today?

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