#111: My Interview by John Lee Dumas on Entrepreneur On Fire [Podcast]

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My Interview byJohn Lee Dumas

We’re almost at the end of 2015, and it has been an incredible year. I recently had the incredible opportunity to be a guest on John Lee Dumas’ EOFire podcast.

If you are aspiring to be an entrepreneur, aspiring to grow your business, you’ve GOT to be connected to John Lee Dumas. I cannot believe all he’s doing to empower, to equip and to encourage people to go after their dreams. I was so honored to be invited as a guest on his podcast.

He graciously allowed me to share this interview with my listening audience. Without further ado…My Interview By John Lee Dumas On Entrepreneur On Fire.

Fire Nation!

If you’re not familiar with John Lee Dumas or with Fire Nation, you need to plug in!

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John Lee Dumas: “Fire Nation, we all have a history. We all have a journey. And unfortunately a lot of us keep that, the more difficult parts of our journey in our subconscious. We kind of bury it. We don’t like to think about it. Don’t like to pull it out. But the reality is it will always be a part of us. So, Brian, kind of break this down for us. What do you really want to make sure our listeners get throughout the story that you’re sharing right now?”

Find the answer here.

I am honored to have been a guest on EOFire, and had such an incredible conversation with John Lee Dumas. Do yourself a favor and become a part of Fire Nation today, and tap into the multitude of resources available!

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