#102: The Pursuit of Excellence [Podcast]

How You Can Live An Uncommon Life


Excellence is a mindset that drives us to do better. Unfortunately, we live in a culture where mediocrity and doing things half-way have become the norm. Just getting by. Doing just enough. It’s a sorry way to live.

Today, I want to give you a framework for not only living an uncommon life, but for pursuing EXCELLENCE. Living the life God designed for you! Today, we’re going to look at The Pursuit of Excellence: How You Can Live An Uncommon Life.

Real leaders not only strive to excel, but are committed to doing MORE than what is expected of them. They’re all-in and go the extra mile.

Solomon once said, “whatever your hands find to do, do it with everything in your being, because you won’t be able to do anything from the grave.”

At the end of our lives, our legacy with either be s/he lived life to the fullest and made a mark – or – their life wasn’t anything spectacular.

What is Excellence?

Simply stated, excellence is possessing good qualities in high degree.

  • Says a lot about who we are, how we’re perceived in the present, and how we’ll be remembered in the future.
  • Excellence positions us for unusual opportunities.
  • Excellence is to go beyond average, climb higher than the set standard, and climb higher than others’ expectations.

What is Uncommon?

  • An uncommon life is the result of uncommon results.
  • Uncommon results are the result of uncommon actions.
  • Uncommon actions are the result of uncommon commitment.
  • Uncommon commitment is the result of an uncommon belief.
  • Uncommon beliefs are the result of a refusal to be average or ordinary, and a resolve to be who God says you already are.

My 3-part Challenge To You:

  • Refuse to conduct your life in a mediocre fashion.
  • Reject the notion that getting by and doing just enough is an acceptable mindset.
  • Renew your personal commitment to excellence in everything you do.

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Until next time, remember … You were made in His image, designed for a purpose, and are destined for greatness. The world is waiting for the REAL YOU to show up.  God Bless!