#101: The Ties That Bind Online Program

How You Can Benefit from This Powerful New Tool



It is fitting that we begin the second 100 episodes talking about The Ties That Bind. For several weeks, we have visited this subject, and even given you a backdrop for how this story unfolded. The book and the training has literally gone around the world, and changed the lives of thousands of people, but the truth is, we’ve barely scratched the surface.

Today on the program, it is my privilege to announce we have officially launched The Ties That Bind online training program, making it possible for ANYONE who has an internet connection, ANYWHERE in the world, to now access this training and experience for themselves.

In this episode, I want to share with you How You Can Benefit from This Powerful New Tool!

The Course and What We Cover 

Let’s begin with this. Everything we do here at Strategic Living is based on what we call the 4 Cornerstones.

  • Personal Healing
  • Personal Discovery
  • Personal Development
  • Personal Deployment

This powerful process must begin with Personal Healing! It is difficult, if not impossible to see yourself as God sees you if there are areas in your life that are un-reconciled, unresolved, or un-healed. Wherever there is the condition of perpetual brokenness, a person is less likely to realize their full potential, or experience the fullness of life God intended.

As the SOUL goes, so goes every area of our lives.

This is where the Ties That Bind comes in.

The Ties That Bind is a very important and strategic part of the Personal Healing cornerstone. It addresses unhealthy and debilitating connections we have with people, places, memories, etc. These connections may be emotional, spiritual, business related, or even religious in nature. Whatever they are, if proven unhealthy, they must be addressed and resolved.

In the TTB training program, we walk a person through a very specific process of personal assessment, relationship inventorying, and fruit-to-root evaluation. Ultimately, this training helps you to IDENTIFY the “Ties” that are present in your life that are detrimental, or maybe even destructive as it relates to the realization of your God-given potential and purpose.


TTB Online Course

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Visit BrianHolmes.com/ties to find out more about how YOU can enroll in this life-changing course

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I want to invite YOU to join me on this journey,
and let’s break the Ties That Bind

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Until next time, remember … You were made in His image, designed for a purpose, and are destined for greatness. The world is waiting for the REAL YOU to show up.  God Bless!