#098: The Book, The Encounter, The Training: Taking A Closer Look at How it All Started [Podcast]


Today is going to be a reflective episode. You’ve heard us talk about The Ties That Bind over the years, and now we’re about to enter a new chapter in the life of this incredible work.

I thought it might be interesting for you to hear the back story, how my understanding of these principles came about, and the evolution of my perspective on them. Also, I really want you to hear the WHY behind this powerful truth. This is an exciting time for us in taking this message to the world!

 My Story:

View at this link.

  • My Childhood
  • Abuse
  • Struggles
  • Marriage
  • Crisis
  • Pathways (2000)

The Unfolding:

  • We began to learn about the soul of man; how that compartment is made up of the memories, the wounds, the disappointments, the hurts, and the beliefs that are formed out of our experiences in life.
  • We began to understand how the condition of our soul determined the health and power in every area of life.
  • We were challenged to learn there are forces at work in our lives that govern the outcomes in our lives.
  • These forces are soul connections, or as we often refer to them, soul ties.

The Training Was Born:

  • 2004 – taught series at church.
  • Produced CDs
  • Recorded DVD series
  • 2007 – published the book.
  • Sold over 10,000 copies in 12 nations
  • Have been conducting live intensives all over the world since 2006

The Best Part:

  • We’re now about to take this training to another level!
  • Not only do I feel we’re just getting started, but I feel it is a big part of my mission to expand the reach of this message around the world.
    • More live encounter seminars.
    • Training teams to administer The Ties That Bind training in a facilitation environment through the DVD curriculum

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